WeChat’s successful interpretation of Zhang Xiaolong product secret let users cool

I’ve always said that the user experience is the strongest ROI. Based on the user experience, the highest law of micro innovation is that Zhang Xiaolong said, so that users cool.


1, so that users cool. "Because users do not feel comfortable, many large companies can" technology "this point, but they lack is art, the lack of philosophical thinking." Zhang Xiaolong had a lesson, once he personally in a line activities to promote WeChat, WeChat can send free SMS, voice, and no one has said reaction can be found near the beauty, several people ran quickly give me a.

2, to stimulate the user’s primary afflictions. WeChat aircraft is the "anger", motivated by the social mutual comparison method.

3, very yellow, very violent. "Sex and violence", Zhang Xiaolong is to allow users to feel cool two exclusive weapon, behind this is not other, but human nature.

, in fact, WeChat’s new rival, the biggest challenge facing the letter is not functional benefits, but can make users cool. In this regard, line do well, on the one hand, functional points of pain, such as free calls, on the other hand, personality, themes, etc., so that users cool experience.

does your product make users cool?

= primary afflictions line:

"shaking when the picture will appear in a nude statue of David, once a girl with a shake shake function, open the screen is too big, she saw the genitals of David, this is true."

By the end of 2011, Zhang Xiaolong was talking about an original page design for WeChat’s 3 version of "shake up" at an exchange meeting with more than 20 young people at the end of


conference organizer, Huazhong University of Science and Technology teacher Liu Yu told "blog world", when Zhang Xiaolong came to an old classmate 20th anniversary party, stopped to Liu Yu students lectures. Prior to this, Zhang Xiaolong has refused her many times.

by the end of 2011, Zhang Xiaolong’s WeChat users have more than 50 million, but in this school of science and engineering, he is not so well-known as the outside world.

at the senior experience exchange meeting, even though there were teachers in advance notice, only 20 students came to the scene, deserted scene, organizers and even some embarrassment. Most students don’t know who Zhang Xiaolong is or what WeChat is like, Liu Yu says.

faces the young people who hope to start business under the platform, Zhang Xiaolong is frank. He was satisfied with the naked genitalia he gave to naked David when he designed the "rocking" function, saying, "this bug is actually human."."

at the conference, the founder of WeChat tried to be a geek

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