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father is afraid Xiong Xiaoge out by bullying, put him at home, from time to time to buy the radio alarm clock and other small appliances make Xiong Xiaoge a toy, so Xiong Xiaoge grew up on the physics of particular interest, ability is very strong. However, Xiong Xiaoge, who has a bad composition, is not qualified to be a worker peasant soldier.

WeChat applet

he PA was pretty, eat bitter, endure trouble, holding a red China "computer", "computer world" and other authoritative computer newspapers, while supporting the Tencent, Sohu, sh419, 360, Dangdang, Ctrip, Home Inns, Wumart dozens of heavyweight IT company. No exaggeration to say, you can think of the IT company has his shadow, he is IDG, China partner Xiong Xiaoge.

at that time, the same age gap was almost 10 years old, many of them were the same

in December 28, 2016, 2017, WeChat open class Pro live broadcast, about the entrance. Zhang Xiaolong said: "many people want to get the traffic portal for the first time.". If a person has not run any small program, it can’t find any entrance in WeChat. This is related to the product concept, and we advocate the centralized structure in WeChat. It is impossible for us to see the subscription number entry in WeChat, and there is classification and sorting of things. When WeChat has no entrance, all provide public services to businesses, they will find a way to get their two-dimensional code spread to various places, the real implementation of the public entrance number not in WeChat, and in the two-dimensional code inside. We also hope that the small program starts from scanning the two-dimensional code. But if we have a basic entrance, the WeChat grab is the base entrance.

means: WeChat won’t open a separate portal for small programs, that is to say, through WeChat five hundred million or six hundred million users, you don’t dream. Well, how to give their own small program diversion? Go to the next line of two-dimensional code ah, to the railway station, bus station paste, or posted on the site. If you want to channel small programs, you can only rely on your own traffic. What if you don’t have your own source of traffic? How about paying for it?. A App app store and WeChat good diversion channel, a small program? Nothing.

but now, December 28th WeChat open class, Zhang Xiaolong told a real small program looks like, I think when all have this idea of entrepreneurs see that after the interview, should all the rest.

second: small programs can not share the circle of friends

1972, considered the future of his son, father of less than fifty for the withdrawal, so that 16 year old Xiong Xiaoge to the top position in steel rolling mill as an electrician, also calculate round Xiong Xiaoge’s childhood desire.

then, Xiangtan is Hunan’s largest Steel Corp, frank, a radius of more than 10 km, brought together more than 100000 workers from all over the country. In the era of the planned economy, workers are quite popular, especially in the steel, tap water and gas are not money, ah also sent rice, oil, yeast, Xiong Xiaoge day with a bunch of factories children sing together, play the erhu, live very happy.


of course, someone may say that you can share friends and let users download it. You see, a lot of App, such as taxi drops, all kinds of public numbers, etc., are through sharing to the circle of friends brought a lot of traffic, but also fire up. Another is >

four years later in 1976, the collapse of the "Gang of four", following the resumption of college entrance examination. After 4 years as a worker, "big brother" Xiong Xiaoge suddenly felt that "intellectuals’ spring was coming", and he decided to seize the tail of spring.

‘s news about WeChat’s upcoming Mini program is no more than two days in a day. Before I met a lot of entrepreneurs, I heard that WeChat would like to have a small program, basically the company’s programmers are concerned about small programs every day, but also early research applet. For these entrepreneurs, micro-blog’s "tuyere" did not seize, App’s "tuyere" did not seize, at least WeChat small program "tuyere" must seize.

said the person’s potential is infinite, 2 months of study, in July 20, 1978, Xiong Xiaoge was the only junior high school culture into the examination room, and she was admitted to the English Department of Hunan University, and became a member of the 402 thousand year, the year of the college admission rate was 6.5%.

Abstract: Xiong Xiaoge’s elegant person appeared, namely IDG eldest brother Mcgovern. When the wheat boss told five minutes joke, Xiong Xiaoge only translate the sentences below but applause, laughter. Lao Mai admires Xiong Xiaoge’s eloquence. Xiong Xiaoge translated: "just now, Jimmy has always told funny jokes. Please clap your hands!

applet has become the hope of many entrepreneurs who haven’t caught the "air outlet". They hope that this is WeChat, there is an entrance, just like Appstroe, all of the small programs can be recommended, classification, ranking, and each small program can be recommended as an independent App, is forwarded, you can even use the push, plus advertising and so on, the independent App can complete things, a small program can be completed.

in WeChat

"if I am really a dove in the morning, then the 1977 college entrance examination is the first ray of sunshine in the morning, which drives away all the darkness of fate and illuminates the road of a wonderful life."."



1956, Xiong Xiaoge was born in Hunan, Xiangtan, an old military family. My father had participated in the Korean War in 1950, blew up his left leg in the battle of Triangle Hill, after returning to Xiangtan iron and steel factory jobs when a cadre. Unfortunately, the subsequent period of the cultural revolution, because the origin of problem all day long endure criticism.

first: small program, no entrance

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