Beginners Shanghai dragon where to start

Shanghai dragon was gradually opened, now the popularity of Shanghai dragon is very wide, many enterprises to join the Shanghai dragon competition, hoping to bring more benefits to enterprises. With the popularity of Shanghai dragon, more and more people realize the importance of Shanghai dragon on the website of the competition, Shanghai dragon also increases. Then the newcomers entering Shanghai dragon industry how to start? There are many things about this website, from my personal opinion of the people of Shanghai New Dragon two novices from Ho:

2, a new Internet Literacy

have a certain understanding of the Internet novice, so I said in front of gathering the resources integration work can be omitted, learning their own into the Shanghai dragon. Most of Shanghai Longfeng beginners from outside the chain and update to the novice to learn Shanghai dragon, I don’t recommend starting from the concept of the beginning concept of contact, will be messy. So the optimization in the contact system of lottery together to buy the site, I’m from.

because of my contact is a lottery system to buy product sales site, I just graduated from the concept of search engine marketing are not, I do not need to know what is the real search engine marketing, I start from the lottery site search. Understand the search engine, must first learn to use it, in the process of collecting lottery sites, I learned how to use search engines to find accurate data I want, I want to find resources through other means, such as Links, slowly I the concept of search engine has some understanding of the concept, a little bit of know the Shanghai dragon. Is in the process of collecting resources I know the significance and function of the Links.

1, on the Internet strange novice

if the resource collection is the first step, the second step is to understand the Shanghai dragon. According to the collected lottery website to collate and analyze the website. Mr. need to understand several parameters site, included quantity, weight, love Shanghai domain name registration date and so on a series of parameters. At first I didn’t understand the meaning of these parameters, I is the first record of dozens of lottery website these parameters. In doing this work, I have to understand the search engine, Shanghai dragon these parameters are very familiar with, then began to enter the Shanghai dragon knowledge learning.

How does The mystery of

on the Internet is not only strange only a basic understanding of the Internet knowledge, know love in Shanghai in search of things, but not the whole concept of internet. I just do the lottery together to buy www.7ien贵族宝贝.cn site optimization system of Shanghai dragon is an Internet white, then just graduated, the Shanghai dragon knowledge without the concept of search engine marketing, what is the meaning of it is not understand. I was the manager led me entry is from the beginning of collecting and integrating Internet resources, gradually understand the search engine, to understand the basic concepts of the internet. At that time, this method will slowly speed door a lot, but can contact Shanghai Longfeng knowledge to lay a good foundation.

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