Shenyang Shanghai Dragon what causes the website ranking drop

said so much, you should know where to make our web site development. The most taboo is the problem, Huangbuzelu, the root of the problem is not found, then using various methods on the network, to optimize the operation, this may be counterproductive.

Author: Shenyang Shanghai dragon Yang Lin source: 贵族宝贝yanglin贵族宝贝/1488.html please cherish the people of Shanghai Longfeng labor.


site outside the chain is undeniably a very important factor in the rankings, the ranking drop right in a short time, a large number of content over the chain will be regarded as cheating, or a chain from spam sites can lead to drop right. So everyone in the chain must follow the principle of fine and accurate, the chain is released in useful places, such as you do in Shenyang travel, so I will put the chain release in some tourism forum, and some tourism classified information website, the chain is important not only useful but also can play the publicity effect.

1. too many changes.

many people do Shanghai dragon, also experienced a decline in ranking, website ranking drop directly affects the income of the webmaster. The reasons for the decline is often caused by excessive optimization. The author believes that the reasons for the decline in ranking is nothing more than 2 kinds, one is the content of a chain accounted for the main reason. The following several factors lead to a drop in


is a website of the soul, not the content of the website will not have the long-term stability of the rankings. This is inevitable, of course content will not necessarily have ranking. The content should follow the fine and useful to users, users are willing to take the time to see the contents of the content is good.

2. web content lead to

In fact,

4. Links

3. site outside the chain

website not to do Links, Links is very small in the current ranking is affected, especially some small link weights of the website not only for the rank did not enhance the friendship but will affect your rankings, many web page is not Links, do also is friendship the link, and not to change.

site is not in love often webmaster rankings when they think is the title or keyword settings, and then modify it, often leads to no weight site also began to be down the right, this is often some things, according to my experience, the weight of the site title change mainly depends on the website, if you have better weight, need to optimize more keywords, this is not what the problem is slightly modified, if it is to optimize the key completely different, so the right down is inevitable, but also change the title is best not to change your main keyword text, make sure the main keywords are not need. I like the Shenyang Shanghai dragon title, no matter how I changed, I won’t abandon the word Shenyang Shanghai dragon.

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