Make full use of a high quality of the original article

put the article to related forums, and web link


ads make many people feel uncomfortable, but the influence of advertising effectiveness in soft advertising is profound, such as movies, remember a few years ago a little film "Crazy Stone", a phrase, "the brand, Baleno, over the years, every time go to the pedestrian street of the Baleno store, I would not think of the line, this is the power of advertising. So, write a high quality of the original article, add a few words and their website keywords related topics, is very necessary, but you have to have a degree, to "touch" instead of "superfluous"


put the article to related sites in the mailbox, the web link

to the high quality articles into the keyword of the website


many forums are allowed with links, such as Tianya forum, many choices like this forum, the article to related topics. On the forum is good to read this article to the attention of the masses have sharp eyes, if more than one thousand hits, the original articles of "high quality" worthy of the name, if only a few of the spectators, they can introspect the hot forum for what he thinks is the high quality of the article but, this article No one shows any interest in "on the site and will have a few people can see

original article belongs to the station optimization in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, Shanghai dragon to break the traditional thinking, for example, make full use of a high quality of the original article, site external optimization.

related sites may be their rivals, it is not important. If an article can be competitors to appreciate, from another perspective on this article is certainly not only is the website, any industry full of competition, we face the competition is not avoided, but the courage to accept the challenge, if your article will remove the chain receiving on his website, is a happy thing, because on the one hand, the article affirms, on the other hand he will come to your site to a "investigation", the "chain" uninvited, are of great help to improve the site’s weight. If the other party with your article also added the chain, then it will exchange links, cooperation, learn from each other in the competition, more conducive to the development of the website.

does not write the original article, high quality original articles not well written. Can let the reader to applaud loudly resonate with the needs of the author’s writing capability plus inspiration, this article stands on its own site in some bad, should make full use of its value, especially in the chain on the site, the use of high quality clever articles, will bring a good website flow.

high quality articles is a good soft Wen, the original article to write a high quality article is hard to find, so when we update the site content, if an article is well written, it is extracted, >

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