Talk about the money I made since I built itNot yet received the sh419 union December Commission ind

seventh pot of gold, we look at this station, give me some advice to get the new www.hh0456, hoping to bring me seventh gold

third sold several pot of gold, I get a domain name, a domain name just included COM sold 300 yuan, sold two yuan just included CN50, also a small amount of money. Oh


if you are illegal, but non subjective and relatively minor violations, you should adjust the site, apply for re opened after 3 months.

this article represents only personal views and does not represent the sh419 alliance position.

fifth is the pot of gold, for a long time, selling several ads, although also earn earn less, this will give you an idea, I is the landlords forum, although not sticky, no user, but can sell ads! You may not believe it, but it is clear to see my sh419 white! Landlords forum, landlords, landlords exchange key first, a lot of real money landlords, gambling to me this advertisement! Although it’s junk forum, but

second gold is selling links, I sold a number of links to see other people may be a bit scary! No way ah, no income, can only rely on the sale of live link! You can see my website link below, each 20 sold, the number is cheaper than 15, that is how the second pot of gold, although a lot of people and I don’t want to do links, but there are a little comfort.

five, if you have previously failed to pay the commission which is scheduled to be reissued this month, please first check whether your financial information has been modified to the correct financial information, otherwise the payment will fail this month. Replacement Commission arrangements in about 25.


two, you cheat and have your account closed. Please login to the background of the League query your status, minor violations are generally reduced grade and deduction points, serious cheating will close the account authority. You won’t send money when you close your account.

no matter what bank you are, the Commission of the individual user is now fully distributed. If not, it may be one of the following reasons.

four, if you are a business user please wait, enterprise users are paying, estimated business users complete payment of about 25, 1 days after the payment is completed, China Merchants Bank account, other banks within 3 days of arrival, mail users within 3 weeks of arrival.


is the first pot of gold to sell a GG account, you do not laugh at me, I said is true, but rarely get their own website traffic, GG long time accumulated 20 knives, a friend of a hurry to buy, as if to get a project, I sold him, sold 200 yuan, this is my first bucket of gold

at this time, if you don’t cheat, you can appeal and send the relevant materials to union1@sh419

fourth gold, sell a site, although the feeling that website worth 1000 dollars, but still sold out, I can not give you a look at the domain name! So I said Kengpian others! Ha ha, the website is worth 1000, CN domain, PR3, sh419 included hundreds of pages.

can earn money!

three, in accordance with the sh419 alliance policy, requires Union Commission of more than 100 will pay. Specifically, in the end of the month on your payment of commission will pay more than 100 yuan, now. Otherwise, the next payment cycle will be accumulated.

if you don’t understand, you can continue to discuss with me.


, if you are serious violations, such as traffic generation brush, advertising custody, and put their advertising accounts on other non compliant websites, then you can only say forever to sh419 bye-bye forever

also wish everyone Everything is going smoothly. in chief of the way, we don’t have to earn a lot of money, but we give, we will get we should get on

one, your financial information error, such as bank card and financial information person does not correspond, or card number is wrong. You can check it carefully and revise it so that the December Commission will be reissued when the next Commission is issued.

sixth gold, foreign EB, now there are several hands before August to buy the EB account, you can contact me, after a brush with ME abroad do not get much traffic, so a waste of time and energy, I would rather see the knowledge article is not bothered to earn that kind of money. Really hard, brush flow can not be more than VPN, brush advertising, step one less, but also do not have to earn dollars on so long.

haven’t write soft, I simply say a few ideas today, I feel this a few months to the station. Get web site has been half a year, spent a lot of money, but the amount of time, energy, and sweat a lot, but I never regretted, also earn a few barrels of gold from small, I earn this several barrels of small gold, though not much, but for me to add a lot of confidence

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