To use the Shanghai dragon Optimization Website Forum

is not afraid of deep alley, good article in the article appeared in one’s own name, then the user can also find, and to search it, if it is deliberately to promote their own websites, it is likely that the administrator will be considered in advertising, generally speaking now to forum are those spam, especially the machine group released XXX information, followed by the Shanghai Phoenix staff issued the link for the general advertising, administrators and moderators will be lenient, of course, we should also go to the forum according to the quality, such as the quality of the quality of our forum can be almost a little too (I don’t in fact, the forum recommended) and good quality forum article quality will be better, a lot of selling Adult supplies stores, is the use of the series to promote their own The product, this article is difficult to write, but very effective.

good is massive, a very good post if no one to go to the top, may have no echo, often find people to post top is stuck in the forum, often exposed to the top, then the odds for users to find a post is very large, good quality. The click and reply quantity is very huge, a post may soon become popular in the post, as he.

, a site name as the account


to keywords ranking, many Shanghai Longfeng personnel use unscrupulous divisive tactics as long as it can send the link address, the place will not let go, obviously the forum user name was Shanghai Longfeng personnel as the chain base, using the web site as the site name, regardless of what effect, want to let the user to remember it is a bit difficult, but if can we put our site name as the name, as long as the exposure times, the user may be able to remember it as an easy job to do, Chinese for Chinese memory must be more than English memories come easier, make your site name appear in front of the user, the user will likely to search for it in the course of time. Let others familiar, if one day be able to talk about their site name, many people have heard of it, then said Your propaganda effect is good.

two, the website names appear natural

Shanghai Longfeng optimization search to restrict the search engine and competitors, as long as a little note ranking fluctuation is can hardly be avoided, especially for some low weight station, due to limited human resources, a part of keywords optimization up, only on that side, optimization of personnel immediately arrange another part of the key words but it is optimized, found a phenomenon, before the keywords of decline phenomenon, one part is the emergence of a competitor to. Here I want to a website only search engine to maintain or increase the flow is not insurance, should be to expand the source of traffic use more of the way, here’s what according to their promotion, how to use the forum to promote your web site.

three, pull the comments and against

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