How to create the inside and outside the station optimization, to promote the rankings

in the main chain should pay attention to the following:

] to our website like a spider web, and each link in the website is search engine spiders crawling the road, link analysis ranking algorithm of search engine is a very important part, the reasonable layout and optimization of links to a website ranking has a very important significance, this girl share with you how to link the website optimization.

two, the construction of the chain

we all know that links share the chain and the chain of two parts, the inner chain refers to the mutual link between the same site each page, such as home to the home page, column page to page, column page to page etc.. Outside chain refers to the outside of the links on the page object to this website and resource links, as we often say that a chain, a chain belongs to. So, how to do

?The construction and optimization of

1, to add an important page in the chain. In the site, because of the importance of each page bearing information of different degree, the main page is not the same. If a page for links to other pages more, search engine spiders will think this page is very important in the whole website, it will be put on the website of the weight to strengthen. So we should be able to understand why a website homepage can usually get good rankings in the.

Reasonable use of

do the chain can start from the following:

, a chain ofReasonable layout of

2, related links and channel correlation. The correlation between the content of "increase, not only can enhance the specific page keyword density, but also can provide relevant information for the user more, therefore, become the highlight target deployment keywords to search for an effective method of ranking. For example, in the web page for details, especially a list of related articles, a section of the most popular articles published in the next article, the article belong to related links, these are the ways and methods to improve the user experience. Appropriate in website internal links correlation plus links, not only can increase user stickiness, can also increase website traffic.

Optimization of

1, for friends of the chain. Improve the PR web site, this is the exchange chain the most fundamental purpose, as we all know, PR has become an important standard for the weights of the website at present, a high quality chain because of the high evaluation > bring its authoritative


3, the bread crumbs navigation. In the construction site and Shanghai Longfeng, breadcrumb navigation function is to tell the user that their current position and how to return a directory, reasonable use of bread crumbs navigation will increase keywords viscosity, improve site weight

chain plays an important role in the Shanghai dragon, a reasonable chain layout can not only make the search engine spiders crawling faster and more convenient to specify the web pages for the specified content, can guide users to find the information they need, to enhance the user experience.

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