Linktech Fashion uprising net increase the Commission notice!In 2007, the site earned a lot of money

since December 18, 2007, the Commission for all products has been raised from 5.6% to 7%.

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first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

activity time: December 18, 2007 —2008 May 31st

    2007, personal website profit more details, money is not bleak, but can not survive, but more of the site, the more outstanding performance, the maximum price of the value reflected in the personal website, personal website cost small profit opportunities.

    07 years, personal website will be no big money money, to earn money when many times, the place can bring big money. There is a webmaster about Asian friends rely on survival: 2 years ago, no Asian friends in the eyes, but did not miss the money channel, no income, suddenly found Asian friends is also a good channel, the current through the optimization of $300 a month. The other line a month income of $100. The results have been very good, can through the crisis.

      click advertising market also many, this did not become mainstream, but can quickly put the website flow into some development funds, is very necessary, a short step, a thousand miles; not small streams, no seas.  

      another key point is probably some small aspects of profitability, will change your strategy, such as an intermediary activities, to help a friend to sell a $50 thousand website, the parties are happy, determined to give me 100 pieces of tea, all dodge can not shirk suddenly, I feel that if the establishment of an intermediary trading platform, it will be very promising, so I launched the website transaction intermediary platform, every day many deals, sometimes I think, if the future network is not the way, maybe the intermediary platform, can we make a living.

    in fact, many of the road network, remember the development of topzj has just started, is a comprehensive entertainment site, there is a free space for the channel, a small channel, then bigger, now seems to have abandoned the entertainment website, and do his super free forum in change. The network is so wonderful, once had a friend, invested hundreds of million, bought dozens of sites, and did not earn much money, but he bought several domain names that unexpected earn money, he specializes in the acquisition of the domain name, xiazai 6655 kongjian will also be his present day by domain name trading make a very good.

    network is such that now appears to be very small opportunities to make money, is likely to be the main direction of the future is you, don’t give up and miss each small opportunity, especially in this difficult network environment.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.


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