Life is a pure land in Shanghai Longfeng indifferent attitude to

for these questions, the beauty of Shanghai dragon for the first week Jane does not express any opinion, but just want to ask you a question: do you love Shanghai, love? If you stick to it; not love it, immediately quit now. Very simple, why where tangled it die. Later, who knows, the sky is falling, there are tall people braved the. Dear friends, you love your job?


I don’t know if you choose to do at first Shanghai dragon is for what reason, perhaps some people because of interest; and perhaps want to quickly make a lot of money; or what other reasons. However, the beauty of Shanghai dragon week Jane is because of interest before entering the Shanghai dragon in this industry. The 6.22 and 6.28 events, surely we must remember. Because love Shanghai the adjustment of the algorithm, let us do it hard standing overnight flooded, especially in the medical industry station is too horrible to look at. Then there will be a lot of friends lost in confusion. "Baidu" the heart of a woman’s heart is harder than we think, and then continue to do Shanghai dragon’s words, we will have a good prospect? If one day Shanghai dragon disappeared, what do we do? Will not be lost?

two, find their own advantages, and to play


since the Shanghai dragon is so popular now, we can do whatever they want to let Shanghai dragon become the past cannot?. So we need to act, and we all know now Shanghai dragon is not good to do, why? Because I love Shanghai very concerned about our behavior, so we should pay more attention to everything we do. We are not rich handsome, just a group dedicated to the Internet industry to make money grass root only, we do Shanghai Longfeng, not only to make money, is love this industry. This week also came to Shanghai dragon beauty Jane hair feeling, Shanghai dragon should do this, you should do

Shanghai dragon how myth? I don’t know the word myth, can not be conclusive, but the Shanghai dragon on the fire? This can certainly tell you that really on fire. Yuan Fang said: adults, Shanghai dragon such a fire, we should build a website to judge. Shanghai dragon, we should have

is the so-called: "asked successively, specialize in. Each one has his good points, each has its own energy." That everyone is talent, the key is to see in what position. But do the same is true of Shanghai dragon. Before the chain Commissioner lot is caricatured as a "chain dog", the beauty of Shanghai Longfeng after listening to Zhou Zhen is very angry. The chain how, to insist on sending hundreds of people outside the chain of the chain Commissioner every day, you can do any job? If you do, the harvest will be the same. What is the advantage? Have patience and perseverance, to send the chain is an advantage. And you are suitable for writing, website construction, Shanghai Longfeng optimization or website operation plan, please and compare, see which is more suitable for their own.

, insist on doing the things you love

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