The website optimization keywords layout strategy

This is the use of

(1) using H1 tags, usually on the main page of each keyword description, there is only one H1 tag.

(2) using H2 tags, is generally a repeat of the main keyword phrases can be main keywords similar phrases or short descriptive phrases. H2 tags are often used in some minor themes or long tail keywords overlap.

tags in order to highlight the title of the site, the optimization of the title is a key keywords layout. The title of the positioning should include keywords to do, but many of the pages of the site title cannot be identical, the length of the key is not too long. The search engine to show the length of 27 words in the title, but the title should not be too short. Do Title keywords lottery website program 贵族宝贝yikuyun贵族宝贝/ site, I usually control in 10-27 words. To simplify the title name, type I is the "keyword – Web page – a simple description of the keywords". The title once determined not to do modification!

is engaged in website optimization work a few years, can not say how much of the technology, but the experience is accumulated a lot. I do these from the lottery website program site experience and our analysis of how to layout the keywords.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization method using

website subtitle will focus on some long tail keywords, the subtitle will exceed the main title length, but also contain similar main title phrases. Another description >

in the title of the optimization of the H1 tag is also very important. The title tag from the largest to the smallest are H1 to H6, but should pay attention to the use of the H tag can not be too much, usually have a degree. In fact, these titles like a headline of a magazine. Generally I use similar subtitle keywords or phrases. As for the text of a web site, I generally do not give too many search engines to remind, mainly from the experience of the user, the user experience is actually considered from the point of view of the search engine optimization. In general my lottery website program site, a page H1 tag using only one, can use H2 or H3 tag in the page using the helper. Teach you how to analyze the specific use of these tags from my lottery website:

1, title tag using

2, H tag using

in website optimization, webmasters often on the title and web page title using keywords. Many optimization company, after receiving the Shanghai Longfeng list, as long as the keywords to optimize the search engine home page can, first ensure that the rank of the website, the flow will come up, the flow will be transformed into. We’d software website optimization, the goal is to do keywords ranking top 4, is very large. For enterprise site, ranking is more difficult to do. Do the site keywords layout is half the success of the site.

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