Let you talk about these years sensitive and nervous love Shanghai

for this problem, I believe we are very interested in the novice friends especially. Many times we will find will be accompanied by changes, irregular snapshot before the keywords ranking drop so stagnant, then delayed a few days, the keywords ranking is not stable, the snapshot is not normal. But conversely, snapshot update slow, site keywords ranking will fall? Before answer this question, we must first understand the snapshot is a what kind of representation. In the official definition, only provide a snapshot preview effect in the web page cannot be opened normally on the occasion, which is a text document, there is no other value, but the difference of update frequency snapshot updates speed obviously with you to decide the content of timely, high quality and original content, and between in the basis of a difference will be reflected, is an excellent source of information that in the opinion, the snapshot update rate naturally faster, if not the performance, so the snapshot should slow down, but the simple snapshot update and brand keywords ranking hung together, is clearly not appropriate.


Keywords For the love of Shanghai K station? The

snapshot, webmaster friends can be said to be full of curiosity. Although the official did not give a snapshot of accurate positioning, but from our daily operation, once the snapshot problem, then your website will be ushered in the spider’s favor, right down, K station or drop in ranking snapshot always virtually affect the process of the establishment of the us.

so some friends began to read the information, find the official for a snapshot of the attitude and practical operation of the case, to truly understand the snapshot for some warning signal of the station, it is because of the serious, makes some friends for change snapshot become sensitive and nervous. Snapshot, update is not timely, as to the K station, novice friends can not precipitate down to a station, until all the real no matter when can return to normal. In fact, for the snapshot, we need not be too nervous, because in the official definition, just plain text page snapshot backup, no more additional significance for some "supernatural" event, I also explain to you.

compared to the simple snapshot snapshot delay, apparently more let everyone call stand. Because our current example of the operation, as long as the snapshot nine out of ten, website will suffer. So whatever snapshot correction occurs, many owners will not sink in the heart to station. In fact, in my opinion, one of the most important pages in the search database may have a text file, the file between each other crawl time is not the same, such as the Shanghai algorithm to adjust the love in some special situations, the spider probably will choose different from the current snapshot file, so as to cause the snapshot of the phenomenon, but for the normal site and added content of regular warfare, snapshots

snapshot must be a prelude to

snapshot update slow speed is not it will affect the ranking of the site

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