Love Shanghai night update mad by 10 times included secret

yesterday evening love Shanghai big update, I believe that many owners and the same to night, waiting for the end of the outbreak, almost a night last night I stared at the love Shanghai update, love Shanghai really awesome, I stand between Zhengzhou group included night Bo network increased from 1520 to 11700, following the author just as we opened a page included a 10 fold increase in secret.


then the author of the web log analysis, web log found in a large number of 302 and 404 spiders return a status code, 302 and 404 status code on the website of the people should be very clear, the worst case would be led directly to the site is K, then the time in 20 or so on the dynamic URl to do 301 the next few days, log in the 302 and 404 state codes began to gradually reduce.



at the beginning of May in our website made pseudo static processing station, modify the site title, URl mass change and the change of title to Zhengzhou delegation Bo network entered the examination again love Shanghai, included increased to around 1500, but remained stagnant in the 1500.



website is included yesterday afternoon 1520 when, at half past ten in the evening included suddenly turned into a 11600, the moment I was excited, but a few minutes to check the collection is 1520. so repeated three or four times, when the 11:30 1520 hasn’t been included or then again changed. But by just love Shanghai data update and clear identification of the author repeatedly included in the site will have a big update, then the morning when more than 2 included stable to 11600, more than four points or 11600 check time, the author determined the love of Shanghai has 100 stable data, but also loose. Tone.

yesterday afternoon I accidentally discovered a mistake, in the home I was in 4 at the end of that program to the home registration, login, etc. on the site connected with nofollow tags, but because the programmers work mistake on the first page of our more important new plate all blocked nofollow. After the discovery of the problem the author timely update the site, and then began to wait for the update of the night.

group of Zhengzhou Bo network in April at the beginning of the record is about 8000, the site was due to repeated problems, we removed a two level domain name, after the two level domain name included remove the last 15 days continued to fall to more than 800, 15 days after the collection has been around 800.

group of Zhengzhou Bo network this website through rectification to remind the majority of Shanghai dragon ER in love when we face Shanghai punishment "

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