How to focus on the home page of the list of search results page flow




what is this? Is this keyword in the distribution of the baby to tears, the significance is how to grasp the competition, to obtain the flow of your environment in


is the first keyword competition, the number of baby that contains the keywords. Next is the customization, this will be customized according to the buyer’s search habits, age price, consumption levels are recommended for baby, so as to achieve a thousand thousand faces. Personalized search is the focus of this year, but also the future focus of many new products including small sellers is an opportunity, the contents of the next time we go.

yesterday we talked about Taobao search box, we do not know the actual wood. Today we continue into the Taobao search box to the Taobao search results list page flow composition and flow rate of acquisition, I hope you love.



Ok. we continue to operate, we also open taobao贵族宝贝 page: 贵族宝贝taobao贵族宝贝

this is what? The search term search filtering, this module will occupy a section, why so much, obviously during the traffic is huge, but also convenient for buyers to choose product. We have to draw lessons from a meaning wood has great significance oh?. We did not find these screening roughly from our baby attributes, so if we want to obtain the flow, is what we have to do, we must complete the product attributes, it is more important when we try to fill in the product attribute is our target keyword search results list page of these attributes because, in the choice of products will be screened, naturally we must have, otherwise after the screening will filter out your baby, then get the flow has no meaning.

we are not familiar with it, and a method of finding keywords, then this is a very significance, first of all I can tell you these words is Taobao search on the second artificial arrangement, its relevance is self-evident, in the back of the opening of a direct search keywords some optimization we often make to find.

of course doing steps must be considered and the product itself than factors accounted for the purpose. To understand this knowledge can private chat communication with me.


this picture, it seems, is the intention to search keywords keywords type will recommend some hot search, but also a method of finding the word, this is not how much, we click on the search into the theme of today.

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