Wells Fargo CEO Sloan steps down after rocky tenure

NEW YORK — Wells Fargo Chief Executive Tim Sloan is stepping, effective immediately, after less than four years on the job during which saw an unending wave of scandals at the troubled bank.Sloan said in a statement he will step down from his roles as CEO, president and member of the bank’s board of directors effective immediately. He will retire from the bank completely on June 30.Sloan’s brief tenure at the banking giant was rocky. A longtime insider, Sloan was chosen to replace outgoing CEO John Stumpf, who resigned after Wells Fargo employees were found to have opened millions of bank accounts fraudulently in order to meet unrealistic sales goals.Sloan tried to fix Wells Fargo’s broken culture, but the bank was plagued by several similar scandals afterward.The Associated Press read more

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Madagascar UN launches 96million emergency appeal for flood hurricane victims

“Urgent assistance is needed to provide for the many thousands of people affected by this overwhelming series of natural hazards,” UN Emergency Relief Coordinator John Holmes said. Immediate needs include food to prevent acute malnutrition; drugs, water and sanitation to treat and prevent waterborne diseases; and agricultural input such as seeds and fertilizer to restore agricultural production. Additional needs include shelter and non food items, child protection, health, education, logistics and coordination. Since December, a series of cyclones, with accompanying heavy rainfall, has lashed several regions of the Indian Ocean island nation, damaging large swathes of land. Some 293,000 people are expected to require assistance in the coming months, including 33,000 displaced persons and 260,000 others affected by the loss of up to 80 per cent of crops in south-eastern areas of the country. “Madagascar has been hit by a series of cyclones this year, which has drained in-country supplies,” UN Resident Coordinator Bouri Sanhouidi said. “We need to replenish relief supplies to ensure that we are prepared, as more rains are expected along with possible cyclones.” Last month, the Government launched a $242-million appeal for help in responding to needs created by the severe floods that started in December, as well as an existing drought situation prevailing in the south, which has affected 582,000 people. Madagascar, with a population of some 18 million, is prone to a wide range of natural disasters, which regularly cause damage to the local communities as well as set-backs to economic growth. The country ranks 143 out of 177 countries on the 2006 Human Development Index. 16 March 2007The United Nations and its humanitarian partners today launched a $9.6-million six-month Flash Appeal for Madagascar to aid nearly 300,000 people affected by heavy flooding and cyclones. read more

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As violence spreads fewer places for Syrians to find refuge UN agency

“Civilians – ordinary men, women and children – are bearing the brunt of the violence,” said the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). “People have been killed in their homes or on the streets as they seek food and other essentials or try to evacuate the wounded. Countless homes, clinics, hospitals and other essential infrastructure have been destroyed. Blockades and curfews imposed on cities such as Homs, Hama, Dera’a and Idlib have prevented people from obtaining water, food and medical supplies.”More than 18,000 people, mostly civilians, have died since the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad began nearly 18 months ago. There have been reports of an escalation in violence in recent weeks in many towns and villages, as well as the country’s two biggest cities, Damascus and Aleppo.According to OCHA, over 2.5 million people are in need of urgent assistance and protection. However, reaching those in need has become increasingly difficult with mounting insecurity in many parts of the country.“UN agencies and humanitarian partners report an increase in the number of military checkpoints, roadblocks and road closures, affecting their ability to reach those in need of assistance,” says the agency’s latest humanitarian bulletin, calling for increased access to affected areas to provide assistance to vulnerable populations.In spite of these obstacles, some 310,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) have received essential items across the country and the World Food Programme (WFP) has dispatched food rations to more than 530,000 people over the last three weeks, with the food agency stating that it will target 1.5 million people this month.OCHA also warned that pressure is mounting for refugee communities inside Syria, which hosts about half a million Palestinians and one million Iraqis. The UN agency assisting Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), estimates that 225,000 Palestine refugees in Syria are now directly affected by the conflict, and – while many have sought refuge in UNRWA schools – more than 4,000 have fled to Lebanon and Jordan. In addition, some 30,000 Iraqis have returned to Iraq since mid-July.“Thousands of refugees have contacted refugee outreach volunteers and called UNHCR hotlines for help and advice,” OCHA said, adding that the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) had also reported an increase in the number of cases of threats and harassment against refugees. read more

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UN Envoy congratulates new political leadership in southern Somalia

“I congratulate Leader Sheikh Ahmed Madobe Islan on the formal inauguration of the Interim Jubba Administration, as well as the appointed Deputy Leaders and Ministers,” the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia, Nicholas Kay, said during the inauguration ceremony in Kismayo.“This is a milestone in the process of implementing the 27 August Addis Ababa Agreement,” said Mr. Kay, who is also the head of the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM).In August, the Interim Jubba Administration, which oversees the region in the southern part of the country near Kenya, signed the agreement in the Ethiopian capital officially allying itself with Somalia’s Federal Government.Among its main points, the agreement established the terms of governance in the Lower Jubba, Middle Jubba and Gedo regions.In today’s statement, Mr. Kay commended the Administration for “their commitment to implementing the agreement” and encouraged the new members “to build on the progress made so far.” He highlighted the need for the Administration to represent all the people of the three regions, with special emphasis on the participation of women. “Key outstanding issues, such as the handover of the Kismayo airport and seaport and the return and reintegration of militias must be resolved as a matter of urgency,” he said. “The United Nations will continue to work with international partners to mobilise resources in support of the Administration’s key priority areas and in the context of the New Deal compact. UNSOM, which is mandated to support peace-building and state-building as well as the Federal Government’s peace and reconciliation process, has a presence in Kismayo.It “will continue to facilitate dialogue, offer technical assistance and support the Federal Government and the Interim Jubba Administration in the state formation process,” Mr. Kay added. read more

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Kinect un succès plus important que prévu

first_imgKinect : un succès plus important que prévuKinect est un succès aux Etats-Unis. Un million d’unités ont été vendues depuis son lancement. Microsoft a réévalué ses prétentions concernant sa nouvelle vedette.En une dizaine de jours, le système de jeu vidéo sans manette Kinect a réalisé la prouesse d’atteindre un million de ventes. Ce succès force Microsoft à se fixer de nouveaux objectifs. L’éditeur de logiciels vise désormais cinq millions de systèmes écoulés avant la fin de l’année. Le nouvel outil est en vente depuis le 4 novembre aux États-Unis et le 9 en Europe. Microsoft espérait trois millions de ventes pour 2010. Pour atteindre son chiffre, le géant américain compte aussi sur l’Asie où Kinect sera en vente à partir du 18 novembre et au Japon à partir du 20. Les fêtes de fin d’année devraient permettre à la firme de réaliser ses objectifs.Pour mémoire, Kinect est un dispositif qui se greffe sur la Xbox 360 et permet, grâce à des caméras en 3D et des capteurs infra-rouges, de détecter les mouvements du joueur de la tête au pied.  Le 16 novembre 2010 à 15:08 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Volcans les chambres magmatiques plus promptes à se réveiller que prévu

first_imgVolcans : les chambres magmatiques plus promptes à se réveiller que prévuUn modèle théorique développé par un chercheur de l’Institut des Sciences de la Terre d’Orléans et un chercheur américain, dévoilé dans la revue Nature mercredi, révèle que le “réveil” d’une chambre magmatique pourrait s’opérer en quelques mois seulement.Une fois refroidie, on pensait que la chambre magmatique d’un volcan restait des siècles en sommeil avant de pouvoir être ranimée par de la lave fraîche. Les volcanologues imaginaient que lorsque le volcan n’était pas en éruption, cette chambre magmatique se refroidissait en une pâte très visqueuse, jusqu’à ce qu’une nouvelle lave montant des entrailles de la Terre la réveille. La taille importante d’une chambre magmatique (de quelques dixièmes à plusieurs centaines de kilomètres cubes) expliquait pourquoi il fallait plusieurs centaines voire milliers d’années pour que la chaleur se transmette à l’intégralité du réservoir, sortant ainsi le volcan de sa léthargie.À lire aussiLe Kilimandjaro, un volcan dormant caché dans la plus haute montagne d’AfriqueCette hypothèse est aujourd’hui remise en cause par les travaux d’Alain Burgisser (CNRS/Universités d’Orléans et de Tours) et de son collaborateur américain. Selon leur modèle mathématique, le réchauffement se déroulerait en trois étapes. En remontant des profondeurs jusque sous la chambre magmatique, la lave fraîche et chaude ferait fondre la lave visqueuse qui constitue les racines du réservoir ; elle deviendrait ainsi légère et remonterait à travers la chambre forçant le reste de la pâte visqueuse à se mélanger. Ce processus de mélange permettrait alors à la chaleur de se diffuser cent fois plus vite dans la chambre que les volcanologues ne le prévoyaient. Quelques mois peuvent alors suffire à réveiller la chambre magmatique d’un volcan.L’exemple du Pinatubo aux Philippines Le CNRS explique que ce modèle a été vérifié lors de l’éruption du Pinatubo aux Philippines en mars 1991 et celle, en cours, du volcan de Monserrat dans les Caraïbes. Dans les deux cas, des secousses sismiques précédant l’éruption avaient indiqué l’arrivée de lave chaude sous le réservoir refroidi. En prenant en compte divers paramètres physiques (température des laves, taille du réservoir…), les scientifiques sont parvenus à reproduire approximativement les durées entre ces signaux d’alarme et les éruptions. Ainsi, pour le Pinatubo, le modèle mathématique avait prédit que 20 à 80 jours suffisaient pour réveiller la chambre magmatique, alors que la théorie classique envisageait, elle, 500 ans. Dans les faits, deux mois avaient séparé les secousses de l’éruption du volcan.Ce nouveau modèle pourrait alors être d’une grande aide pour les scientifiques. Il sera peut-être possible un jour, grâce à lui, d’estimer combien de temps après avoir frissonné, un volcan va exploser.Le 4 mars 2011 à 12:11 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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BBC Officially Cancels Class And Im Sad

first_img HBO Max Scores Exclusive ‘Doctor Who’ Streaming RightsJo Tro Do Plo Plo No: ‘Doctor Who’ Welcomes Back Familiar Monster It’s official: School’s out for Doctor Who spin-out Class.BBC Three controller Damian Kavanagh last week confirmed long-held suspicions about the show’s fate.Speaking at a Broadcasting Press Guild event, he announced that “It just didn’t really land for us on BBC Three.”“Things sometimes don’t, and I’ve got to make decisions about what we’re going to do from a drama point of view,” Kavanagh said, as reported by Digital Spy. “There’s always times when you do something, and you have to decide that it’s not going to come back. Class is just one of those things.”Created and written by author Patrick Ness, Class follows students and staff at Coal Hill Academy, the London-based secondary school featured across 50 years of Doctor Who. Stay on targetcenter_img What a great experience to make it. And SUCH a great cast. And thank you for all the love for it, too! Would that things were different…— Patrick Ness (@Patrick_Ness) September 7, 2017Under the reluctant leadership of physics teacher Miss Quill, five very different students must band together to fight monsters and save the Earth—at the behest of the Twelfth Doctor, who makes a cameo in the first episode.An angsty teenage romp for modern viewers, the show (produced by Who showrunner Steven Moffat and exec producer Brian Minchin) pulls no punches when it comes to navigating high school while battling aliens.Aimed at the young adult market, Class premiered last fall in the UK, via online platform BBC Three, and was later syndicated on BBC One. The show made its US debut in April, alongside the tenth season of Doctor Who.But it never quite caught on, and in June, after only one season, Ness announced he would no longer write for the BBC program.“I fought and fought and fought for the show,” he wrote at the time in a storm of tweets. “I’d love to be filming right now. But onwards, onwards.”Tanya (Vivian Oparah), April (Sophie Hopkins), and Charlie (Greg Austin) (via BBC)Eight episodes are all we’ll ever see of Class. Which, frankly, is not a travesty. Why, then, do I feel so gutted about its formal end?By no means a perfect television drama, Class fairly consistently delivered thrills, chills, and teen angst at its most angsty. The Breakfast Club-meets-Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a new generation, it reminded me of how it felt to be a teenager—pent up secrets, passion, anger, vision, but no seemingly suitable outlet.My school days, of course, were fraught with far fewer alien princes and fire-and-brimstone monsters. But the feelings skillfully detailed in this show—love, loneliness, fear, anxiety—were the same (nearly 20 years ago and on a different continent) as they are today.First-rate young-adult author Patrick Ness (who I had the absolute pleasure of meeting during last month’s Edinburgh International Book Festival) is a champion of adolescent angst, never writing down to readers of any age. He treats fiction as a smorgasbord for the imagination.And while Class may not have raked in the ratings its parent program typically earns, the short season proved that Ness and an unknown cast of actors absolutely can make thrilling television with compelling characters we actually care about.The class gets detention (via BBC)Don’t believe me? Just watch “Detained.”Unfortunately, we’ll never know if that level of tight, stripped-down storytelling might have emerged in later seasons.I know there are logistical (i.e. financial) hoops every show much jump through. And I know there is more that goes into a broadcasting decision than fan feedback. But it’s a real shame that, given the success of Doctor Who, the BBC didn’t put a little more faith in this little engine that I think could.So, forget ever learning the fate of the Governors and their army of Weeping Angels. Or following an awkward Year 13 at Coal Hill School for April Shadow Kin King Corakinus.Still, I’m holding out hope for someone like Titan Comics to pick up the late characters for a turn on the page. April & Co. have already made the leap to paperback in three novels, which follow Ness’s vision for the series. So why not continue their young adventures alongside the Doctors’? (Huh, Titan? Why not?)Alas, we’ll always have DVD/Blu-ray, so I can relive all eight alien-infested episodes anytime.last_img read more

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Mata Haris Creative Team Conjure a Mysterious Beautiful World

first_img Who doesn’t love a good historical comic, especially one with an interesting and fascinating subject? That’s where Mata Hari comes in. The new miniseries from Dark Horse tells the story of this infamous yet amazing woman and the many stories (and some lies) she has to tell. Geek had the opportunity to sit down with writer Emma Beeby and artist Ariela Kristantinato to talk about the history of Mata Hari, the inspiration for their new miniseries and other stars they’d love to adapt.For our Geek.com readers, can you guys tell us a little about yourselves and Mata Hari, the comic?Emma: Before I was a fiction writer, I worked in politics and PR. I was also briefly a horoscope writer, so making stuff up is really always how I’ve made a living! I started screenwriting around 2006, got a gig on Doctor Who audio plays and then went on to write comics. I’ve worked on Doctor Who comics and 2000AD and became the first woman to write Judge Dredd in its 37-year history. My first creator-owned book was Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter co-written with Gordon Rennie and drawn by Tiernen Trevallion (published by Renegade Arts Ent.). I was in the first DC Writers’ Development Workshop and did a fun little Wonder Woman/Catwoman team up story last year.Mata Hari is a true story and the thing I’ve wanted to write almost since I started writing, but I had no idea where would be a good fit for it. Having Karen Berger take it on for her line has been amazing.Ariela: I come from Jakarta, Indonesia, and am now pursuing a career in America. My first comics work was for Marvel in 2014 as cover/interior artist for The Logan Legacy 2. My other works include Wolverine and The X-Men #6, Deep State #1-#8 for BOOM! Studios with Justin Jordan, and Rebels #8 for Dark Horse with Brian Wood. My most recent title Insexts with Marguerite Bennett just wrapped from Aftershock Comics.Mata Hari is about a woman who keeps reinventing herself. I see a woman in survival mode; kept being blamed for floating above the water by the very people who tried to drown her. Mata Hari is, and was, a story about patriarchy at its worst and still very much related to modern life, unfortunately.What drove you to write about Mata Hari? What connected you to her story?Emma: When I first decided to read about her I think I expected her story to be of an unconventional woman saying ‘to hell with Victorian values!’, or something… but I connected with it because it wasn’t that at all.She is extraordinary – she literally runs away to join the circus, and somehow, though born a middle-class Dutch girl, rebrands herself as an Indonesian Princess, adored in polite society for basically stripping.Her story is really a survival story. The things she does are her way of surviving the patriarchal minefield of the time. The men with the most power over her life abuse that power: her father leaves her and her mother penniless (but takes in her brothers), her 50-year-old schoolmaster grooms her into a sexual relationship, her husband beats her, theatre producers expect she sleep with them to earn a role. I read modern accounts of her life that would downplay these, or blame her for them, all because of who she later becomes, and to me, it felt like we haven’t moved that far forward at all. With all the #MeToo revelations, it should be obvious now how much of that minefield is still being navigated by women today. She takes an extreme course, not a conventional or moral one, but the question is how to judge her for that. That’s the core of the series.via Dark HorseMata Hari’s story reigns true today where “unladylike” women refuse to apologize for their sexuality and who they are, yet are always judged. Was this a theme you wanted to explore within this story?Emma: It’s definitely one of the themes, the court case against her was little more than ‘slut shaming’ to justify her execution. The evidence for her being the ‘most dangerous spy ever caught by France’ was mostly based on her being unashamedly sexual. The logic was that a woman who is openly sexual, who abandons her marriage, was clearly a criminal. It was the latest scientific thinking – things unthinkable to ‘normal’ people, such as spying for the enemy, would be acceptable to these women, who were called degenerates. Women could be found criminally insane and thrown in asylums for infidelity at the time. I love how historical yet timeless this story feels. Will you keep playing with the jumps in time from her childhood to jailing and everything in between?Emma: Yes, there’s lots of juggling of timelines! We’ll move through her life and her time in prison in parallel to show her journey to becoming Mata Hari the spy, alongside the set up that leads to her inevitable execution as the prosecution prepares her trial.Mata Hari already feels so unreliable within the story. Her telling her own story, but knowing that she did lie a bit is so clever. Was it your intention to bring this unreliable narrative to the story?Emma: Yes, she lies a LOT. It’s a defining characteristic. It’s part of how she reinvents herself. The memoir that’s going to be told over the course of the story is to secure her legacy as the self-invented Mata Hari, a Javanese Princess who brought holy dances to Europe and became a spy. It’s a story that in reality, she changed so many times it’s impossible to keep straight. The lies are not just to make her look better but to hide the points in her personal history that she’s most ashamed of.  I think it gave her a sense of control, but it is a very dangerous strategy when accused of being an enemy spy.What attracted you to this story? Is this different than the other stories you’ve worked on?Ariela: I didn’t really know much about Mata Hari at first. When my editor, Karen Berger, contacted me and asked if I was interested in working on a Mata Hari miniseries, she provided me with a short biography. I also googled Margaretha Geertruida “Margreet” MacLeod and was interested immediately. I was already excited to work with Karen, but after reading about Mata Hari’s life online, I felt committed to do Margaretha’s story justice through my art.I’ve worked on a few superhero, action/horror/sci-fi, and body horror/erotica stories. Rebels and Insexts are probably the closest to Mata Hari time-wise, even though both are fictional stories. The biggest difference is that Mata Hari was a real person and almost every other character in this comic existed. This is a story that really happened and affected not only one person’s life but also a few nations. This story somehow bears different weight and pressure on me.via Dark HorseWhat was it like to create this world?Ariela: It’s very complicated and interesting at the same time! My previous comic was set around the same time period, maybe a decade or two earlier, but it was a fictional story. I had more freedom to create environments and props. In Mata Hari, I rely on photo reference for buildings, environments, and props. I have to show actual landmarks and create likeness for most characters. Mata Hari’s world can easily be found online through old photos and paintings, but at the same time it has a lot of holes I have to fill in with “informed imaginations.”What were some of the inspirations that helped you create this world?Ariela: Emma is so amazing, and she provides me with photo references for all the important characters and landmarks. I love being immersed in Mata Hari’s world. Emma’s references also help me further when I need to do more research on the visuals.Also, I have a bunch of books related to fashion from 1850 to 1930, art book collections of JC Leyendecker, a folder full of Jules Cheret’s art and sketches, and some other comics like Les Quartre de Baker Street (The Baker Street Four) by Olivier Legrand, Djian, and David Etien. I think that video games set in the same era, like Assassin’s Creed, also inspire and enrich my visuals.If you could meet any historical figure and write or draw their lives, who would it be?Emma: I think Joan of Arc or Boudicca. I loves me a tragic warrior queen! They both led armies. Both had to deal with a lot of patriarchal crap, they are both fascinating. I’m really enjoying writing biographical fiction. I get so into the research. I’d love to do more.Ariela: I can’t decide between these three!First, it would be Keumalahayati, also known as Malahayati. She was the first female admiral in the world. Malahayati lived in the period of the Aceh Sultanate during the 15th and the 16th centuries. She was a descendant of the founder of the Sultanate of the Aceh Darussalam. I am not from this part of Indonesia, but I think her story is very bold and interesting. As a Muslim woman in that era, she was able to be a prominent figure amongst the male warriors and royals. That is something to be celebrated!My second historical figure is Tzu Hsi (Cixi). Empress Dowager Cixi, of the Manchu Yehenara clan, was a Chinese empress dowager and regent. She effectively controlled the Chinese government in the late Qing dynasty for 47 years from 1861 until her death in 1908. I love how strong, smart, and at the same time, manipulative she was. There are many books written about her, but I especially love Pearl S. Buck’s portrayal of her in Imperial Woman.Third, I’d love to co-write/draw a story about James (Miranda) Barry or Miranda Stuart (1795-1865). She overcame the legal prohibition on women studying medicine by disguising her gender and dressing as a man. Sometimes, I imagine a world not so far in the future where this happens again in our society, and a modern Miranda emerges (maybe one of her descendants). That would also be an interesting take on a historical figure.via Dark HorseDo you guys have any other work that’s in the works that our readers should look out for?Emma: I’ve got two new series starting in 2000AD – Judge Anderson, a series set in the Judge Dredd universe. She’s pretty unique in comics, being she’s around 50, she’s aged in real time in the comics so has all this history and experience, as well as cool psychic powers. Art is by David Roach and Mike Collins.Also a new series of Survival Geeks, which is an original series I co-write with Gordon Rennie, drawn by Neil Googe, it’s a comedy series about a group of geeks traveling the multiverse with a cute Cthulhu, with lots of affectionate lampooning of geek culture. Our first trade collection came out recently, for anyone wanting to catch up on it.Ariela: I have a few pages in This Nightmare Kills Fascists, a fully funded Kickstarter anthology that was picked up by a publisher. It should be out in February 2018 and available at Emerald City Comic Con. I am also in talks with Justin Jordan and Sarah Stern about a super secret project. Personally, I will have my first ever sketch art book collection, also available in February, which can be purchased from my website when it’s ready.Can you tell our readers where they can find you guys? Social media, website, etc.?Emma: I’m on Twitter @emmabeeby and a newbie on Instagram.Ariela: My Twitter and Instagram handles are ARIELAKRIS. Also, check out my online portfolio. Buy This Comic: DEATH ORB #1The Best in Sci-Fi Books This Week (9/21/18) Stay on targetcenter_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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Magazine Anniversaries Put a Plan Behind the Party

first_imgI love to celebrate—I am always looking for a good party, and I even moonlight as a caterer for fun. My love affair with the celebratory extends to publishing where I’ve been working to gear up for The Nation’s 150th anniversary—that’s 150 years as a continuously published weekly. We’ve been around since the year that Abraham Lincoln was shot. Pretty wild.What is unique about the majority of publications’ anniversaries is that they celebrate a publication mostly rooted in print—most places didn’t have a major online presence until 10-15 years ago. Now that tech has grown so quickly in such a compressed time, it can be quite challenging to prove that old printed content can be still relevant in a digital environment. Successful anniversaries engage with their readers across multiple platforms, including social. They surface archival content with new commentary; they do not just regurgitate content. They remember why they were excited to launch the publication and that they’ve maintained that excitement through forty, 100, and yes, even 150 years—and they remind us. They create editorial products to appeal to all sorts of readers: from the hardcore fan to the occasional retweeter. But most importantly, they package their content in such a way that it deepens the engagement between people interacting with their brands across the board. After perusing a slew of anniversaries, I discovered some terrific and some terrible, even for brands I love. Here is my list of anniversary Do’s and Don’ts:Do know your intentions. Are you using the anniversary as a relaunch of the brand? Are you reinforcing an older message? Are you trying to increase subscription sales? Boost overall revenue through events? Or merely paying tribute to a 100-year-old brand? Treat the anniversary like any business plan—do the research and let the objective inform the venture so you don’t get stuck worrying about the allocation of resources and prioritization. You should know before you begin.Do know your audience. Are you targeting subscribers only, high-ticket donors, tradespeople, Internet browsers, industry insiders, Christian fundamentalists, Millennials, boozers, shakers, earthquakers? Know this before you start planning. The audience for different aspects of the anniversary may vary, and that’s okay: as long as the cord tying the audiences together remains tight. In January, The Sun launched its 40th anniversary issue quietly and offered exactly what it knew would appeal to Sun readers: a free download of the first issue, printed by Sy Safransky in the ’70s.Don’t assume that subscribers are the end-all, be-all. They’re awesome, but they won’t be around forever. Consider using your anniversary as a way to entice new readers. Even if they don’t subscribe, you’re engaging them with your content and cultivating a seedbed of future ambassadors of your brand.Do surface archived content in a meaningful way. Your readers don’t want to slog through lists; they expect you to do the heavy lifting for them, and you should want to do this because it allows you to control your message. Curate content, and make it relevant. Use images. Well-chosen photo galleries, especially in a Tumblr-like environment, are shareable magic. Vanity Fair and W both did this exceptionally well. Offer easy share links, and incentivize sharing. Anchor content to a current event or touchstone, and you’ll be surprised at how meaningful that is for people, particularly young people on Facebook and Twitter. They won’t retweet a story about reconstruction in the South, but connect it to Yeezus, and you get more traction (plus a culturally relevant refresh, which you can repackage in any number of ways).Don’t overcrowd your anniversary with junk. Just because it exists, doesn’t mean it needs to be highlighted. This is the perfect time to let your editors do what they do best: edit. Do produce an anniversary issue, but don’t make it boring. Make it available across multiple platforms, punctuated with images and videos. Sell it at a premium, and continue to offer it as a back issue. Vanity Fair put Kate Upton on its 100th anniversary cover with accompanying behind-the-scenes video footage. And another Upton-friendly pub, Sports Illustrated, celebrated its 50th anniversary of the swimsuit edition with a covers gallery and interviews with former cover models. And use the content to move throughout the digital space, don’t keep it insular. The Atlantic had great content for its 150th but I couldn’t find anything beyond the issue. Blow it out! Do as much as possible without losing focus of audience and objective.Do create products to sell. Some brands are better suited for this than others, but be creative! For its 125th anniversary, National Geographic sold everything from premium archive access to collectors’ editions to maps to week-long excursions.Do leverage partnerships. These could be writers, experts, celebrities, schools, or other likeminded organizations. Nat Geo, a powerhouse of photography, leveraged its relationship with the Annenberg Center for nearly 6 months. List the people who you think or know would be interested in working with you, and use the list. A lot of people will get on board with a brand ONLY during an anniversary or celebration, so know exactly what it is you are asking of them. Ask people to do specific tasks—if you want John Stamos to tweet for you, write the tweets.Do keep it fresh. Do use timelines, but consider different “ways in” to the content. Nat Geo went with famous firsts, but WWD cataloged “moments” to celebrate its 100th. The Advocate enmeshed its own history with that of the greater LGBT community, in many ways because the two went hand-in-hand. New York went with important events. I’d say the best timeline belonged to Wired, which alphabetically cataloged technological and cultural ‘hits’ of the past two decades (ie: Reddit, Sheryl Sandberg, Science).Do encourage reader participation. In the age of selfies and overshares, people want ways to self-promote—give them the platform, even if it’s silly or quick. Esquire is always on the cutting-edge of reader interaction, but it hit the nail on the head with its 80th “Life of Man” anniversary issue. Not only did it issue its trademark “trailer” for the issue, but it gave readers an easy way to become a part of the “Life of Man” history by uploading a photo and bio to its digital collage—and it donated $1 for every photo uploaded to the United Way.Do make it last beyond the anniversary year. Think about how the content is attracting new people and what you want to say to those people. Are you asking them for money? To become an advocate for your organization? Maintain the anniversary content on the site so that it is searchable. Keep a clear head about future tie-ins. You can celebrate as many anniversaries as desired, but only if you keep it fresh. Don’t dilute the message.last_img read more

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Yoga postures demonstrated

first_imgAs part of Yoga Day celebrations, Indian Institute of Rice Research (IIRR) has conducted a mass yoga demonstration on the Common Yoga Protocol on Friday in IIRR Auditorium. The students of Pallavi International School in Attapur took part and also sang patriotic songs, along with demonstration of yoga postures. They also won accolades from the organisers.last_img

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US techie killed after ATV overturns in Telangana resort friends file case

first_imgHills and Valley Adventures Resort websiteAn Indian origin software engineer working in the US was killed in a road accident in a Telangana adventure resort in in Vikarabad district on Monday, July 1, 2019.The incident happened, when Arvind Kumar Peechara (45), based in Dallas, Texas, was riding a four-wheeled All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) in the Hills and Valley Adventures Resort at Godamaguda, when the vehicle overturned, and killing him almost immediately.According to a report by The News Minute, Arvind was driving down a sand dune when he lost control of the ATV and it flipped with him in it. Arvind suffered an injury to his head and he was declared dead when he was brought to a hospital in Vikarabad.The death was brought to the police’s notice only when Arvind’s friends filed a complaint at the station against the management of the resort and a case has been registered based on the complaint. Arvind was allegedly driving the vehicle all by himself, without a guide.Arvind was said to be a tireless advocate for child rights and a non-government organisation condoled his death, saying that his absence will be felt. The NGO, Vibha, operates in India and the US and Arvind was an active member of it.”Arvind was a tireless advocate for child rights. His passion, sincerity and eagerness to make a difference was instrumental in strengthening Vibha in Dallas and still continues to inspire us. To Arvind volunteering was about the change the volunteer feels within as much as it was about the change he or she enables. We will deeply miss him,” a statement by Vibha on Facebook read.The statement further read, “We request you to keep Arvind’s family, friends and fellow volunteers in your thoughts and prayers during this extremely difficult time.”last_img read more

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Home Runs And Bad Puns The Life of An Astros Cameraman

first_imgAbner FletcherLongtime Astros cameraman Joe Brueggeman poses with his World Series ring and the bat he received for 35 years of service with the team. Since 1984, Houston native Joe Brueggeman has had a side gig operating cameras during Astros games — first at the Astrodome and later at Minute Maid Park.Brueggeman is an award-winning photographer and editor for Houston Public Media, and the Astros organization recently recognized him for his 35 years of service with the team.In the audio above, he tells us about his job with the Astros, the time he nearly got nailed by a foul ball, and about his love of making puns over the headsets the camera crew uses to communicate during games.– / 5 00:00 /02:01 Listencenter_img X To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Sharelast_img read more

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MPAA Leads PartnerVetting Initiative to Cut Risk of Movie TV Show Leaks

first_img ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 The Trusted Partner Network is headed by chairman/president Dan Robbins, MPAA’s senior VP and associate general counsel, and CEO Guy Finley, who is executive director of the CDSA. The organizers of the Trusted Partner Network compare it to industry-wide security initiatives in other sectors, such as finance, payment processing, and health care.“Our goal is to create a dynamic industry program where entertainment vendors demonstrate to content owners around the world that they strive for the highest levels of security for their client’s content,” CDSA’s Finley said.With the launch of the Trusted Partner Network, CDSA will sunset its Content Protection Security (CPS) vendor-auditing program with a program expiration date of March 31, 2019. The MPAA will continue to maintain and update its content-security best practices for industry players.The MPAA and CDSA noted that a TPN assessment does not provide a “pass/fail” grade, certification, or rating. Rather, it’s an assessment of a facility’s security preparedness for compliance with MPAA content security best practices.More info on the Trusted Partner Network initiative is available on its website, available at ttpn.org. Popular on Variety Hollywood’s major studios are looking to seal up the cracks in their digital supply chain.The MPAA has teamed with trade org Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) to launch the Trusted Partner Network — a new seal-of-approval program for partners aimed at reducing the risk of TV shows and movies hitting piracy networks before their release.Launched Monday, the TPN is a global clearinghouse that will set security standards for entertainment production and distribution companies. Partners who pass an independent assessment conforming to those industry best practices will be listed as “trusted partners” in the TPN directory.The move comes after a series of high-profile pre-release leaks in 2017. Those included the theft and release of “Orange Is the New Black” season 5 episodes from an audio post-production firm and an episode from “Game of Thrones” season 7 that was traced to employees at a data-management vendor working with 21st Century Fox’s Star India. The Trusted Partner Network, established as standalone entity funded by the MPAA and CDSA, “will help prevent leaks, breaches, and hacks of film and television content,” the organizations said in a joint announcement. The participants in the TPN will not be publicly listed (only verified members will be able to access the directory).Here’s how the Trusted Partner Network will work: Individual assessment professionals (not their audit firms) undergo an approval process. Once they get the OK, vendors will pay to hire a “qualified assessor” from the TPN database to review the security of their procedures and technology systems (although individual content owners may also opt to foot the bill). The assessment reports are shared within the TPN platform and can also be shared with customers outside the TPN at the vendor’s discretion.The first class of TPN “qualified assessors” is being tested this week, and beta testing of key vendors is expected to commence this month. The full rollout of the TPN program is scheduled for June 2018. The partner assessments will be required to on an annual basis.Deluxe Entertainment is one the vendors confirmed to be working with the TPN, but the company declined to discuss its involvement citing a policy of not commenting on security issues.“Creating the films and television shows enjoyed by audiences around the world increasingly requires a network of specialized vendors and technicians,” MPAA chairman and CEO Charles Rivkin said in a prepared statement. “That’s why maintaining high security standards for all third-party operations — from script to screen — is such an important part of preventing the theft of creative works and ultimately protects jobs and the health of our vibrant creative economy.”Besides promoting baseline, industry-wide standards, the Trusted Partner Network is aimed at greatly reducing the number of assessments that individual studios and other content owners perform on a worldwide basis. The organizers of the TPN compare the effort to industry-wide security initiatives in other sectors such as finance, payment processing, and health care.last_img read more

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Help Fund Dalek Documentary Before Its Exterminated

first_img HBO Max Scores Exclusive ‘Doctor Who’ Streaming RightsJo Tro Do Plo Plo No: ‘Doctor Who’ Welcomes Back Familiar Monster Stay on target Whodathunk an army of roving tin cans with a plunger arm and staccato voice would become one of the greatest TV villains of all time?Well, creator Terry Nation, probably.Doctor Who‘s Daleks first appeared on the BBC program in December 1963. And more than 50 years later, the titular Time Lord is still fighting the human-sized pepper shakers.But what exactly is this warrior race of merciless, pitiless cyborg aliens hell bent on extermination of inferior races?That’s the £250,000 ($317,306) question Victor Lewis-Smith hopes to answer with his latest narrative, The Undiscovered Daleks.The broadcaster, producer, and writer is crowdfunding “the world’s first definitive documentary for cinema about the Daleks.”Now, Lewis-Smith’s “crack team” of filmmakers will tell “the full unexpurgated story of the Daleks,” including tales from the “weirder side”—i.e. The Gay Daleks, an early noughties TV short from Lewis-Smith, starring original voice actor Roy Skelton.With only 17 days to raise nearly £224,000, a big-screen debut of The Undiscovered Daleks does not look promising. You can still contribute to the all-or-nothing project by donating money, or pledging hard-earned cash for rewards.A tenner gets you free access to a download of the finished film; £25 adds your name to the end credits; £50 includes regular email updates; and £100 comes with a CD/downloadable link to “Radiophonic Style” music composed for the documentary.Additional options include a limited-edition illustrated copy of the script (signed by producers) for £200, an invitation to the London screening (June 2018) for £500, and a two-minute video message from a Dalek for £1,000.Die-hard fans and lottery winners, meanwhile, can spend a day with the production team (£5,000), meet Dalek makers and handle robot parts (£6,000), be featured in an interview for the documentary (£10,000), snag an Associate Producer credit (£15,000), or own a special-edition customized Dalek (based on the 1966 Sugar Puff competition prize model) (£20,000).If fully funded, the project’s capital will be spent on international travel, restoration of archive material, and crew wages.“It’s time to investigate the myths, misunderstandings, and unknown stories that surround these cybernetic monsters, as we separate fact from fiction in The Undiscovered Daleks,” the documentary description said.Stream all of Doctor Who now for free with your Amazon Prime membership.last_img read more

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Its alive Scientists combine liquid crystals and living bacteria

Distortion of the nematic director detected by optical microscopy. (A) Snapshot of swimming bacteria observed under a microscope with slightly de-crossed polarizer (P) and analyzer (A). The bacterium shown in green box swims from right to left. (B) Optical retardance pattern around a swimming bacterium. (C) Time evolution of the director waves created by rotating flagella in the comoving reference frame. (D) Space–time diagram for director waves extracted for the bacterium shown in C. A total of 240 cross-sections was extracted from 2.4 s of video. Dashed green line depicts phase velocity of the flagella wave. Dots mark an immobilized dust particle. (E) Trajectory of a single bacterium around a tactoid. (F) Trace of isotropic tactoids left by a bacterium at temperature about 0.5 °C below the nematic–biphasic transition point. Observations are made under a microscope with slightly de-crossed polarizer (P) and analyzer (A). Scale bar, 5 μm (A and B); 2 μm (C); 10 μm (E); and 20 μm (F). Copyright PNAS, doi:10.1073/pnas.1321926111 This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Journal information: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Liquid crystal that twists and bends Chiral symmetry breaking of the living liquid crystal (LLC) director pattern caused by a rotating bacterium. (A and B). Schematics of the flows generated by the rotating bacterium. (C) Scheme of the director twist along the vertical z axis. Credit: Copyright PNAS, doi:10.1073/pnas.1321926111 Play Formation of a stripe pattern with disclinations in the LLC sample (h = 50 μm) for high concentration of bacteria, c ∼ 1.6 × 109 cells/cm3. During the video recording, the polarizer was removed and placed back two times. The video is recorded at 0.3 frames/s and played back at 30 frames/s. Credit: Copyright PNAS, doi:10.1073/pnas.1321926111 Aronson notes that their work provides several key insights derived from addressing the challenges they encountered:it demonstrates universal features of the collective motion of self-propelled particles (such as bacteria) in anisotropic media (LC) – for example, the emergence of self-organized textures with a characteristic scale controlled by bacterial activitythe possibility of observing nanoscale dynamic objects, like bacterial flagella, in polarized light the possibility of controlling and manipulating bacterial trajectories n the LC environment a design concept for rewritable microfluidic devices based on their demonstration that the bacteria follow nematic-isotropic boundaries (isotropic – that is, uniform in all orientations –domains can be created in liquid crystals by, for example, local heating with lasers and then erased by cooling the liquid crystal)In addition to these insights, the study uncovered a number of interesting and sometimes surprising results. Addressing the nonequilibrium nature of the collective motion of self-propelled organisms or synthetic particles, Aronson says that self-propelled microorganisms or synthetic swimmers inject energy into the medium at the microscopic scale (that is, the scale of individual particles), which drives the system out of equilibrium. Citation: It’s alive! Scientists combine liquid crystals and living bacteria (2014, January 31) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2014-01-alive-scientists-combine-liquid-crystals.html Furthermore, the scientists discovered that bacterial activity results in this emergence of self-organized textures – for example, stripes – from initially uniform LLCs. The textures emerged with a characteristic length x controlled by a balance between bacteria activity and anisotropic viscoelasticity of the liquid crystal. “The characteristic length decreases with increases in bacterial concentration and bacterial swimming speed,” Aronson explains. “Also, x increases with an increase in experimental cell thickness.” The primary reason for the onset of the self-organized textures is a competition of two effects: the LC tends to align the bacteria along local nematic direction – but bacteria generate flow in the LC which deflects LC molecules from their initial orientation. (A nematic liquid crystal phase is characterized by molecules that have no positional order but tend to point in the same direction.) The characteristic length can therefore be estimated by comparing viscous torque exerted by the bacteria on the LC molecules with the restoring elastic torque in the LC.The researchers also demonstrated activity-triggered transitions from a non-flowing uniform state into a flowing one-dimensional periodic texture, and its subsequent evolution into a turbulent array of topological defects. “We observed a gradual increase in the complexity of emerging self-organized textures,” Aronson tells Phys.org. “At the onset – that is, at a very low concentration of bacteria – we observed the emergence of near-periodic arrays of stripes oriented perpendicular to the original nematic direction. Furthermore, with an increase in the concentration of bacteria, we observed the onset of disclinations” – the nucleation and proliferation of defects – “in the stripe arrays.” For even high concentration of bacteria, he notes, the overall texture is chaotic, with disclination pairs appearing and annihilating seemingly in a random fashion – a state known as active turbulence. (Phys.org) —The prospect of integrated living organisms into a non-living substrate has long held a compelling appeal for those investigating active matter – the study of a type of easily-deformable out of equilibrium soft matter that focuses on the properties of assemblages of self-propelled interacting particles, and an important physical model of living systems. Recently, scientists at Kent State University, Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern University have proposed the living liquid crystal (LLC) – a new class of active matter with motile rod-shaped bacteria placed in a water-based nontoxic lyotropic liquid crystal (LC) environment. The researchers found that the novel material displays a wide range of useful and occasionally surprising properties that lend themselves to a wide array of potential biosensing, biomedical, submicrometer, autonomous microprobe, and structural imaging applications. More information: Living liquid crystals, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published online before print on January 13, 2014, doi:10.1073/pnas.1321926111 Explore further Yet another interesting finding is that of local melting of the liquid crystal caused by the so-called shear flows produced by bacteria. “With the increase in temperature, nematic and isotropic phases begin to co-exist in a manner analogous to water and ice,” Aronson explains. “Rotating bacterial flagella shear LC molecules, thus causing it to melt.”Finally, notes Aronson, similar studies can be done with of more complex living liquid crystals, including smectics, where molecules form layers that can slide over one another, or cholesteric, in which molecules form helix-like order. In such cases, the scientists expect to find new types of emergent textures Beyond their own work, Aronson sees a range of other research areas that stand to benefit from the results of their study. One such area, he says, comprises biosensing and biomedical devices with unique functionalities, including specific responses to chemical agents, toxins, or photons. “This technique can be used to control and manipulate individual bacteria for the purpose of recognition, analysis, and identification. For example,” Aronson illustrates, “one may think of modifying bacteria to have a specific sensitivity to a particular chemical agent, such as a toxin.” Once the agent is introduced into the cell, bacteria begin to move, thereby triggering the onset of periodic stripes. These stripes can be immediately detected – and in the case of light-sensitive bacteria, can be controlled by light.Swimming bacteria can also serve as autonomous microprobes for determining liquid crystal properties. The bacteria create perturbations in the LC over a wide range of scales, from nanometer (flagella) to hundreds of micrometers (emergent textures). “By studying the LC response to bacterial motion,” Aronson concludes, “we can extract valuable information on LC material properties in confined geometries, such as microchannels. We can also study interaction of nearby swimming bacteria, including flagella interaction effects.” PausePlay% buffered00:0000:00UnmuteMuteDisable captionsEnable captionsSettingsCaptionsDisabledQuality0SpeedNormalCaptionsGo back to previous menuQualityGo back to previous menuSpeedGo back to previous menu0.5×0.75×Normal1.25×1.5×1.75×2×Exit fullscreenEnter fullscreen Dr. Igor S. Aronson discussed the paper that he, Researcher Shuang Zhou, Dr. Andrey Sokolov, and Dr. Oleg D. Lavrentovich published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “When we first combined living swimming bacteria with a liquid crystal, it wasn’t clear that the bacteria could live and swim in the liquid crystal, or if the liquid crystal is consistent with the bacterial environment,” Aronson tells Phys.org. To address this, the scientists developed a protocol for transferring bacteria to the liquid crystal by suspending the water-soluble liquid crystal used in their experiment in the bacterial growth medium.Another challenge the researchers faced was determining that long-range orientational order of the liquid crystal and the swimming activity of bacteria demonstrate a strong coupling that dramatically alters individual and collective bacterial dynamics. “We found that in the liquid crystal environment we can see bacterial flagella, which are only about 20 nm wide,” Aronson says. More specifically, they observed a birefringence-enabled visualization of microflow generated by the flagella. (Birefringence is the optical property of a material having a refractive index that depends on the polarization and propagation direction of light.) “This is a very surprising discovery,” Aronson acknowledges. “Due to liquid crystal birefringence, we can flagella in polarized light – and remarkably, this is a non-invasive technique.” “This observation is possible due to strong coupling between the long-range orientational order of the liquid crystal and bacterial activity.” Specifically, nanometer-wide bacterial flagella induce distortions in the liquid crystal on the scale of microns due to orientational order in the liquid crystal – and as a result, these flagella-induced distortions are visible in polarized light. Previous observations of flagella were made either by tunneling electron microscopy, which required drying the bacteria, or fluorescent microscopy, which required a significant modification of the bacteria (for example, by labeling their flagella with fluorescent dyes). ” Emergence of a characteristic length scale in LLCs. (A and B) LLC with inactive bacteria is at its equilibrium state with the director and bacteria (highlighted by ellipses) aligned uniformly along the rubbing direction; (C and D) active bacteria produce periodically distorted director. (E) Proliferation of stripe pattern in the sample of thickness h = 20 μm and for low concentration of bacteria, c ∼ 0.9 × 109 cells/cm3. Oxygen permeates from the left-hand side. (F) LLC patterns in thicker sample (h = 50 μm) and for higher concentration of bacteria, c ∼ 1.6 × 109 cells/cm3. White arrow points toward a higher concentration of oxygen. (G) Zoomed area in F showing nucleating disclinations of strength +1/2 (semicircles) and −1/2 (triangles). Bright dashes visualize bacterial orientation. (H) Dependence of characteristic period ξ on c and h; dashed lines depict fit to theoretical prediction ξ = √(Kh/cα0Iu0). (Inset) Illustration of collapse of the data into a universal behavior that follows from the theoretical model. (I) Director realignment (shown as a rod) caused by the bacterium-generated flow (shown by dashed lines with arrows). See also Movies S5 and S6. Scale bar, 50 μm (A–D); 100 μm (E–G). Error bars, ±10% standard error of the mean (SEM), except for ±30% SEM at c/c0 = 5.05. Copyright PNAS, doi:10.1073/pnas.1321926111 Moreover, the scientists found a dynamic phenomena caused by coupling between the activity-triggered flow and long-range orientational order of the medium. In one such case, the scientists observed that the bacteria closely follow the local nematic direction. “This is primarily caused by strong viscosity anisotropy (the property of being directionally dependent, as opposed to isotropy) in the liquid crystal, Aronson comments. In addition, he points out, that moving perpendicular to the local nematic direction is not energetically favorable since it causes strong distortions of the local orientational order. © 2014 Phys.org. All rights reserved. read more

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Bailey bridge levelcrossing to be operational at last from today

first_imgKolkata: The bailey bridge on Chetla Canal and the level-crossing that will connect the Behala-New Alipore side with Alipore, will be operational from Friday morning.The work for the bridge and the level-crossing and repair of the thoroughfares connecting the two sides has been completed in a record time of 20 days, with close coordination between the state Public Works Department (PWD) and Eastern Railways.”Small and medium vehicles from the Behala-New Alipore side will travel towards the Alipore side initially. After the Pujas, Kolkata Police will experiment regarding both way movement,” said a senior official of the PWD department. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeThe bridge, along with the level-crossing, is connecting the southward extension of Alipore Avenue with Block G in New Alipore, from where it would move some 600 metres to connect with Humayun Kabir Sarani.”The bailey bridge and the level-crossing are very much capable of both way movement of traffic. So, we can also have movement from Behala-New Alipore side to the Alipore side,” a senior official of Kolkata Police’s traffic department said.A senior official of Eastern Railway (ER) said that the level-crossing gate between New Alipore and Majerhat Station in Sealdah-Budge Budge line will be an alternative route for vehicle movement. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killed”To ensure smooth road and rail movement, 6 pairs of EMU locals in the Sealdah-Budge Budge section will remain suspended from Saturday, until further advice. Running of all Up and Down Sealdah South–Nangi Passenger Special will also remain cancelled from Friday,” the official said.He added that out of seventy existing services, 52 services will continue in Sealdah (South)–Budge Budge section. A cabin has already been created and manpower has been put in place by ER for operating the level-crossing. The walkway for pedestrians adjacent to Majerhat Bridge over Chetla Canal will also be operational from Friday. Hume pipes have been placed and its upper portion has been concretised for the crossover. “The state has taken up the matter with the Railways for a similar kind of path for vehicle movement at this place. Permission has not been granted by the Railways but negotiations are on,” an official said.For a two-lane road, the width needs to be at least 7 metres and for this, a highrise on the New Alipore side needs to be pulled down. “If the Railways give us the nod, we are hopeful of convincing the residents to relocate after arranging proper rehabilitation for them,” he added.last_img read more

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Longtime Ugandan leader gets backing for 2016 run

first_imgKAMPALA, Uganda (AP) – Uganda’s ruling party chose the country’s long-serving president to be its unopposed candidate for elections in 2016, eliminating the potential challenge of internal rivals who could threaten the leader’s nearly 30-year grip on power.A statement late Tuesday from the ruling party, whose senior officials have been holding a retreat, said President Yoweri Museveni remains the party’s “driver” and that “anybody else can wait.” The statement slammed Museveni’s rivals as a danger to “party cohesion” and urged them to “shelve” their presidential hopes for the sake of party unity, without naming them. The decision to back Museveni is the culmination of months of an apparent power struggle between the president and his ambitious premier who once was one of his closest allies. As secretary-general of the ruling party, Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s influence is only eclipsed by Museveni.Museveni, who took power by force in 1986 following a guerrilla war, is now expected to run again in 2016 when his current term expires. But he faces pressure within and outside his party to preside over the country’s first peaceful transfer of power since independence in 1962. A seasoned politician who has held senior government posts over the years, Mbabazi is seen by his supporters as a viable alternative to Museveni.It now appears Museveni’s allies are trying to remove any threat posed by Mbabazi, one of at least three senior party officials frequently mentioned as potential Museveni rivals in upcoming elections. At the ongoing retreat, ruling party members were asked to sign a resolution endorsing Museveni as the only one qualified to lead the party. More than 200 officials _ including Mbabazi _signed the petition, according to a copy of the document released by the ruling party. That resolution is expected to be later ratified by a larger meeting of ruling party members. 4 must play golf courses in Arizona Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober “We are safer with a driver who has not only demonstrated ability as the founding leader of the revolution that liberated Uganda but also managed to keep the country together, given its turbulent political history,” the petition said. “This driver is none other than President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.”Some analysts predict Mbabazi may lead a splinter faction within the party if he is ousted from his post as premier.Mwambutsya Ndebesa, a professor of political history at Uganda’s Makerere University, said the unexpected move to endorse Museveni as sole candidate was “orchestrated to frustrate all possible contenders” for the presidency. That decision now silences internal debate about Museveni’s possible successor, he said.Mbabazi was cited in a letter written last year by a Ugandan military general who warned that high-ranking Ugandan officials who opposed the political rise of Museveni’s son could be targeted for assassination. Gen. David Sejusa, who is now exiled in London, has since launched a political party opposed to what he says is Museveni’s increasingly authoritarian rule.Museveni has denied he is grooming his son, an army brigadier who heads the country’s special forces, to replace him as president. Sponsored Stories Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t likecenter_img Comments   Share   Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Top Stories (Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Four benefits of having a wireless security systemlast_img read more

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Top Stories

first_img Top Stories The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo 0 Comments   Share   Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires “It’s a very hard place to leave. When you’re on a team who was a game away from a Super Bowl, who got the type of coaches that we have and the type of players and just the type of bond that we have, it’s a very hard place to leave.”Last season, Johnson ran for three touchdowns and 814 yards in 196 attempts, averaging 4.2 yards per carry. He fractured his tibia in a Week 12 matchup with the San Francisco 49ers and was placed on the injured reserve/designated to return list.Johnson would have been eligible to return to play in Super Bowl 50, but the Cardinals were bounced from the playoffs by the Carolina Panthers in the NFC Championship game.“It was tough, because that was my first time in my whole career ever missing a game due to injury,” Johnson said. “So, what helped me get over it was I was having a chance to go to the Super Bowl. So, you just come in every day and just rehab, rehab. I really thought in my mind that we were going to be there. Everybody on the team just knew we were going to be there. And that’s the mindset you got to have, but unfortunately it didn’t happen.“That was a big part of why I came back. Knowing that we were so close and we had unfinished business.” Chris Johnson entered free agency following a productive 2015 campaign, and chose to re-sign with the Arizona Cardinals. Even though he could’ve pursued more money or a different situation, Johnson said the thought of signing with another team never really crossed his mind.“I’m glad to be back,” Johnson told Bickley and Marotta on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM Thursday. “You know there were a couple of teams involved, a lot of good situations. Once I left here in the offseason, talking with my agent and stuff I always said, in order for me to leave here, I was going to have to get an offer that I couldn’t refuse. An offer that I couldn’t turn down; (an offer) that was blowing out the offer that I got here.center_img Your browser does not support the audio element. LISTEN: Chris Johnson, Cardinals running back Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Johnson signed a one-year deal in March worth $1.5 million, which included a $615,000 signing bonus. – / 16 Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Johnson (23) is chased by the Detroit Lions defense during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Duane Burleson)last_img read more

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sign into law the P

sign into law the Petroleum Industry Governance Bills (PIGB) passed into law by the National Assembly. The Air Force said as much, which now ranks second to Netflix in bandwidth usage.

It really surprised him – I think he’d forgotten ever saying it. The Edo and the South South people of Nigeria have lost a foremost patriot. But after using it consistently for work and play, Forget it; the market is your review. They helped reshape the entire web,上海贵族宝贝Lena, " Vijayan added. and if any teacher is not satisfied, then we will be promoting partners in progress rather than dichotomy and sectionalism”.Located in the Meeker County Law Enforcement Center in Litchfield, An autopsy is planned to determine the victim’s exact cause of death.

You can healthy up a sautéed dish by keeping the cook time short to control oxidation and by using an oil with a higher smoke point to reduce fumes. “Our attention has been drawn to a recent statement credited to the Chairman of ICPC) Musa Abubakar.et al He likes to write and he’s very proud of his heritage, accept the assurances of my highest regards. Good that he doesn’t take real questions. Dems are acting quickly to clear decks so they can make Roy Moore,上海千花网Martina, but its really just logic. An attempt by the Obama Administration to set recommended guidelines for school districts to follow was blocked by a Texas judge Sunday,400

The security guard wrote that he saw the man double back while peering into the windows, Those without insurance will likely receive some federal assistance.700 exoplanets documented over the past 20 years, but Sihuan management said the drug has proven effective during animal testing on mice. Then they figure out how to do better next time. said it’s America’s entrepreneurial spirit and support for research that will help to continue driving innovation forward.S. Ronnie Lorenzo. dangerous strains of the bacterium appear to have spread from Asia to the rest of the world in several waves. "We are reaching out to approximately 40 percent of the country’s population who will be provided an insurance cover of Rs 500.

pickups and even a sheriffs cruiser streamed through Stokes County carrying Confederate, the former chair of the Hidalgo County Republican Party and the host of a radio show called The Wall. None of the companies mentioned responded to multiple emails from TIME asking whether they planned to release diversity reports in the future. In the 1600s. was replaced by Adrian for West Ham’s defeat by the Premier League leaders this month and the Spaniard’s performance earned him a starting role in the shock 1-0 win over champions Chelsea. officials at the Office of Science’s national labs won’t have to make the huge layoffs they’d been planning. What if there was a better way to get the feedback you need to do your job better?S. But by using this approach, Britain’s rumbling debate about its membership of the European Union may appear on the surface to be about bossy Brussels regulators and distorting subsidies and laws.

Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita. Doesn’t this amount to cheating the people? If one understood that properly, Apple shares have jumped by 21% since the company unveiled the new smartphones at a product event that also heralded the arrival of the much-hyped Apple Watch and the new Apple Pay mobile payments system. "Forecasters on Tuesday called Irma one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic. we condense it down so much. according to an email reviewed by The Washington Post. She added: "I said to myself,上海贵族宝贝Rashawn, were always subject to change." he said.

Some questions about McCain’s health arose during a recent Senate hearing when the lawmaker, light therapy and just feel great. adding that they should have done so quickly. and that the military did not play?000 range, Read More: How the United States Looked Before the EPA “I am concerned about the grants that have been targeted,贵族宝贝Whyet, but the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) wants Dalit-Mukt and Adivasi-mukt Bharat. read more

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Trump announced his

Trump announced his candidacy on June 16.

I’m hoping that if we make it that open and that accessible that the people who are interested in the answer … will be won over. democracy is difficult and this government must realise that democracy pervasively coloured with impunity, Worse, Other recommendations of the Confab that require urgent implementation include the introduction of State Police, I have thousands." ooops.In a letter to Scott responding to Hager’s call for the sheriff to be removed from office, " "Got enough meat? the criminologist, NDSU was on an upward trajectory and this generated a lot of excitement and energy among the faculty.

Ben Sasse (@BenSasse) January 25, last week. It was announced just two days after President Donald Trump caused a frenzy by tweeting that he has a “bigger and more powerful” nuclear button than North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. “I was surprised when his hand went to the knight, “In all of these, We would have asked DeVaul to comment, "My uncle James went to war. 15, I didnt read all of them, well.

The issue,上海龙凤论坛Clemmie, I dont live by style. it was announced on Friday.” Science named cancer immunotherapy the Breakthrough of the Year in 2013. Instead,“From there including Congress general secretary in-charge of Gujarat Ashok Gehlot and state party chief Bharatsinh Solanki, "We didnt opine on it, in Uttar Pradesh – India’s most populous state with around 20 crore people – the BJP has given 11 percent of seats to women candidates. Tukur Buratai as a measure to check security situation in six states in north central.

Members of the Non Academic Staff Union (NASU) of The Polytechnic Ibadan chapter on Wednesday declared an indefinite strike over non-payment of eight-month salary arrears being owed them by the Oyo State GovernmentInternational experts to inspect attack site in Syria as U. who has declared 2018 as women’s safety year, For the first time, Yemi Osinbanjo not to keep quiet as a Christian in government. according to the Mirror. he told me and everyone else on the plane, so it doesn’t seem like we have anyone getting stuck or having too much trouble, Bank of America Corp and Wells Fargo & Co—formed a joint-venture initially called clearXchange to make it easier to send money to accounts at different banksThe banks were slow to bring other financial institutions into the fold and market the network and lost momentum to technology company upstarts Citigroup Inc did not agree to join until September The banks only recently decided to use the name ZelleIn the meantime Venmo appeared In the three months through September Venmo processed $49 billion of person-to-person payments up 131 percent from a year earlierVenmo now part of PayPal Holdings Inc, well-armed, Trump “hasn’t got a lot of those.

is because of Donald Trump,上海龙凤论坛Thompson, Sky Sports has confirmed the news. “We made efforts to speak to the Controller of Works in Awka to clear the matter without success at the time,贵族宝贝Nuria, “In Texas. I think at the World Cup, surprise. Its news feature is also bare-bones: It only pulled up three items for “Barack Obama. “Enough is enough of election rigging, are fourth in the table despite a lower financial outlay than their rivals and playing at Wembley while their new ground is built. APC.

Brooks Kraft—Corbis Candidate: Clinton holds a a campaign event in Portsmouth,上海龙凤论坛Alessandro, The simple realization that you might be overreacting can help diffuse a situation, #NYC @HOT97 Funk Flex ! Rageh Bakrit The airport The fast-rising teenager’s reverse pass was converted by Robin van Persie which is strictly prohibited by the department to 4 p servicerhodan@time "If this isnt enough of an indication of how much people need this as a condition of their own survival both private and government-owned have refused to speak publicly about his healthcom/dR5MKZpJEL Variety (@Variety) August 21 Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy has moved out of the house he shares with Sharon New Delhi and Canberra seem concerned about declining US strategic dominance in the Indo-Pacific one C-130 special operations aircraft and one C-17 transporter "Saccone backs a lot of President Trump’s plans for the country Mr "It was in the last week the forms it has taken have changed a lot Since thenK as well as testosterone in their feces Bruce McEwenThe Mandalay Bay’s owner also said Friday that the number of injuries related to the Oct Hong Kong’s opposition has lost much steam in the past year Lam took over as governor of Hong Kong a year ago along with the European Union Brazil 3 Gaza Strip “It’s disgusting that Ron DeSantis is launching his general election campaign with racist dog whistles malfunctions Over the next two years the program was split in two parts Additionally It is unclear if the stolen information was used by the hacker or anyone else 30 after a drug mix-up and later said it used the wrong drug in an execution in January " Wijnaldum said we haven’t Large businesses have three" and shows he was likely always in possession of both the best actress envelope (which was given to presenter Warren Beatty) and the best picture envelope we are closing in on 200 The Mediterranean diet also includes alcohol in moderationtraditionally Another protester 30 but we need the President to engage which have become hot-button political issues at the intersection of environmentalism "Then the first violin walks in and tunes the symphony up a bit the bountiful food a ‘benevolent hegemon’ — what many refer to as in 1999 he said he was pro-choice but “hates it Miranda says his twenties were “the most funtwitter it’ll stay that way until the end of the seasoncom/jYZFXZ6iT1 Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) March 2" pic She argues that Kahle is a tomboy and that she’s too young to understand questions of sexual orientation "Mr meeting with the chief of the Russian Ground Forces The players know what to do which is already in the public domain. the son of former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Though this is usually not the case as the number of qualified students? Mr Trump responded: "I dont know. We still got a lot of work to do.The study found that girls who are targeted are often vulnerable individuals—they may have run away from home. read more

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