Hamilton child molester pleads guilty

A Hamilton child molester returned to court today. John Adam Greene, 29, pleaded guilty to charges of attempted murder, child abduction and aggravated sexual assault. This is in a Hamilton incident from May where he took a young girl, sexually assaulted her then doused her in bleach. There were also charges of robbery and failing to comply. Greene was escorted by two police officers and wearing an orange jump suit; his hair, gelled and messy. He made contact with the young girl’s family and then sat down. The entire time it looked as if he was picking at his wrist trying to cut himself. The court officers were looking and ready to step in to the box where he was sitting in case he was going to be doing anything. The Crown attorney read the agreed statement of facts and leading up to the incident, John Greene told his girlfriend that he “had an itch to hurt people and thought about killing someone.”Now that Greene has pleaded guilty to five charges including attempted murder of this young girl, he will have a sentencing hearing on January 5th in Hamilton. The Crown says at that time they will formally apply to make him a dangerous offender as well.

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