Wu Botong talking about the operation method and experience of renting a net

Hefei rental network in 2009 just when the station, on the Internet published a "experience of how to optimize the rental website", because the Hefei housing related websites too much, I finally have a domain name for www.home0551.cn, and then do some optimization. Now, the site has been operating for 7 months, beginning to earn a bit of income, with more than $1000 per month. Cut the crap. Let me talk about how my website makes money,


rental network is usually a property site column, I do independent rental network, the site certainly not as popular as the real estate site. At first, I was free to use the intermediary, so that they free of charge on my website release listings, and slowly more information on the site up. In addition to my previous search engine optimization can do, and slowly individuals also come here to release. Now in Baidu or Google, site:www.home0551.cn rankings and included are good. read more

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Will the stingy Hefei forum follow the footsteps of the little fish in Xiamen

some time ago, Xiamen fish forum moderator door events, sometimes leaving the many network circles all raise a Babel of criticism of, expert opinions, the problem of the distribution of interests between the owner and the forum can be attributed to the most basic management. It can be said that this is not only the existence of Xiamen fish forum, almost all of the forum, there are such problems, at present, many large domestic forum, there is little to pay you, remember that there is a business forum for a month one hundred or two hundred salary, is to improve the enthusiasm of the owner then, popularity also rose, with the management team continues to expand, investment will be more and more, and ultimately make ends meet…… read more

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WeChat’s successful interpretation of Zhang Xiaolong product secret let users cool

I’ve always said that the user experience is the strongest ROI. Based on the user experience, the highest law of micro innovation is that Zhang Xiaolong said, so that users cool.

1, so that users cool. "Because users do not feel comfortable, many large companies can" technology "this point, but they lack is art, the lack of philosophical thinking." Zhang Xiaolong had a lesson, once he personally in a line activities to promote WeChat, WeChat can send free SMS, voice, and no one has said reaction can be found near the beauty, several people ran quickly give me a. read more

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Their own online home network hiking enthusiasts

in a high-rise city, every day to work and work, often feel physically and mentally exhausted. Also wanted to take some time to travel abroad, breathe fresh air, enjoy the unique scenery of different places. However, after all, just think about it, three years since graduation from the University, and really did not go out to travel. When you have money, you have no leisure, and when you have leisure, you have no money.

, who worked in Ji’nan last month, said in the QQ group that he would like to spend the weekend as an outing man, bringing a team of 20-30 people to visit the non mainstream tourist attractions in the familiar suburbs of his city. The responsibility for the outing is to organize the members, arrange the trip, contact the accommodation, the transportation, arrange the interactive games, the necessary materials and so on. Although Master outing is the interest of the sideline based on, but still have some income, to pay for the trip Master member 20-30 block of the tour, the costs incurred by the other members of the AA system. I have participated in such outings several times, and I have met his present girlfriend. No wonder some people say that the outing group is also a group of friends. Oh, read more

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Mou Changqing daily posting 3000 popular local community data sharing

said yesterday at micro-blog that he would share the data of more than 100 local communities that had collected more than 3000 of their daily postings last year. When I sort out the data, I also want to update the data, because it was 1 years ago. But later thought, 1 is updated, time-consuming, and 2 is to retain the current data sharing will be more meaningful. We look at the current data of these forums, and then look at their data 1 years ago to compare, it will get more feelings and reference. Through data comparison, you can understand what popular local communities in the 1 years of progress, and what popularity declined. I also found some forum data especially bizarre, such as I statistics a Chongqing local forum, this time last year I statistics the number of registered members in about 20W, I watched yesterday becomes a member of 113W, the development speed is too fast. read more

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Site classic quotations 100 sentences 1

1 do SEO highest realm is not SEO. Do not go to the search engine optimization, your pages do the most suitable for users to read, so that the search engine will be optimized for you.

2 virus promotion model, not want to come out, but when you promote success, analysis of your model, only to find you this pattern is viral.

WEB2.0 is only 3 interactive concept, the message is 2, now a lot of people in the pursuit of the 2 and the 2 that highlight the positioning is not mature and the site for the investment and money worship. read more

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Build B2C station But don’t get lost on the starting line

‘s average annual growth rate of 75% is the simplest and direct expression of China’s B2C e-commerce market outlook. According to iResearch consulting group data analysis showed that from 2008 to 2011 in four years, the size of the market will be the buyer China B2C e-commerce is growing at an annual rate of more than 75%, which means that every two years, expanding the network shopping market size will be two times. Online shopping has shifted from a fashion to the habits of many Internet users, and a large proportion of them are the backbone of China’s current and future consumer market. read more

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After the flashy buy website can seize 020 this straw help smooth transition

After the

group war, group purchase industry numerous casualties, the industry generally believe that the group purchase industry will no longer have the courage to sink. Don’t want to, O2O concept suddenly rise, buy also seize the opportunity to help the straw. Literally, O2O is simply for group buying. But the group purchase occasion O2O corner overtaking, the smooth promotion of


buy behind the glitz

After the age of

, depression is always going on and on again. Think of the original, group buying industry how beautiful scenery, its simple, fast, rough and effective product model, so many entrepreneurs crazy. The same cake, many people want to eat, starved to death will be more. Thousand regiments war to now, the remaining also handle, the United States regiment, glutinous rice, reviews, Wo Wo Group. For the time being the same echelon, but there are still differences. After the war, Montreal bones, bloody lessons ah. read more

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A5 thematic introductions introductions and cases

traditional soft text marketing, although low cost, quick results, but because of low-quality, difficult issues such as publishing, coupled with Baidu algorithm blow, the effect has been worse than before. WeChat, micro-blog marketing has just started, the effect has yet to be verified. And integrated marketing is the trend of the times, thematic promotion of Internet Co and enterprise websites favored.

        A5 (http://s.admin5.com/qiye/) in web page design on fixed, aggregate web content and brand information, reports, pictures and text on instant news and related information, rapidly enhance the enterprise website brand and visibility, the effect has been verified. Relying on A5 huge user base and search engine weight, the topic will become your brand promotion, access to traffic excellent entrance. read more

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College students employment education website monthly income of 3000 yuan the methods and experienc

construction method and experience of unemployed graduates a monthly income of 3000 yuan, talk about education website profit model

Hello, A5 and friends, today I want to talk about the educational profit model industry website with such website construction plan, and I had the same, on site construction and site planning, site positioning in the local industry, such as local education website, local photography website, local real estate the website, why choose it, because good sponsorship, and the local station is relatively good to do some small and fine, and learn more, you can write a lot of things. read more

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Do neighborhood service website neighbors money

in the area of online service to rent a channel, while with the message platform, while playing advertising to make money, many of the new fund become "Indoorsman Indoorswoman". In some areas supporting the establishment of a full range of young residents of the community, suitable for online "neighbor business."".

it is understood that the learning community is built in August this year, the site, the click rate has exceeded 30 thousand, advertising revenue close to 20 thousand yuan. Reportedly, the district network will also be around the development of some businesses as members, residents in these areas may be discounted consumption, they earn business membership fees. read more

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s there any way out for the tech station owner

in the station did not learn technology, we fear that because there is no master a technology to gain a foothold in society. In a number of N day and night study days, finally mastered one or two foreign language website, what is familiar with the framework, ready to come out on the Internet with a look, many programs has been open. Many Internet companies have developed a lot of good site procedures, CMS forum program is the Internet technology also need beyond count. Grassroots webmaster


‘s answer is yes,. read more

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Analysis of the success of the webmaster need to hone the quality


generally speaking, the station has much endurance, and he can do many big stations. As long as you insist on writing an original article every day, a year later, your blog PR will be 5. Personal webmaster started as a stand, is like a race, you may not like the webmaster or company to the speed of the rocket to stand a sudden increase in tens of thousands of included, and you can only with a known force, more with less, days and months multiplying, every month is to update 10 articles, 300 articles, 100 articles updated daily January, 3000 will be included, or at least 4 bits. Do the same flow, a little more every day. Use your heart to update, you will use this new game persist, will become the old station, the old station changed the old station, the old station station, station station change. read more

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How to make public numbers active fans tell the truth

in this era of everyone from the media, and downstairs to sell watermelon aunt have started their own operations, and the public number of big V is flying everywhere. Automatic income every day hundreds of pieces, let public operations become fragrant steamed bun". Moreover, the more active the fans, the higher the revenue flow. For example, WeChat search, fans more active public number, ranking the front, the same 5W powder public number, send a single income is not the same, the flow of income naturally different. read more

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n the current era webmasters should change the way they do websites

once stood down the webmaster, after several years or even decades of accumulation, they have accumulated a lot of users, accumulated a lot of experience, accumulated a lot of valuable resources. They can survive as long as they stick to it. Now, the webmaster is not the only way to survive, after my analysis, now the webmaster views vary, some optimists, and some pessimists. Their way of doing things is also different.

some webmaster websites are K, they can find reasons to continue to do it, and continue to go on, just like a webmaster a few days ago. Asked me to put IDC ads, I replied: "you stand no traffic, no brand, why should I put your ads here?", I thought, I cast you to send money to your station advertising, if there are 100 people like you, I is tantamount to throwing thousands of to tens of thousands of money, can do it? If I was a philanthropist. But none of the companies were philanthropists at first. Even a philanthropist would not do so, at most, give money to children or orphanages. Also, I analysed the PW release station competition, look at his website, search engine is not included, this is equivalent to a large number of hao123 had seen because of success and do web site a number of webmaster, too many owners love to follow suit, follow the trend of the 99% of all is a failure, only 1% have a plan, and to the success of the operation of the fund. And you, as a personal webmaster, as an ordinary webmaster, it is impossible to succeed. The impossible is always predestined. Later, he said: "if I work hard, I believe we can get a return!", perhaps, the most is a failure, this is what he will return, but I also say, "your faith is very good, but is doomed to fail!", because Baidu will not included you, but you and so many PW release station competition, is destined to fail, follow the trend of competition can only be eliminated. read more

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Charging users is not a gorgeous turn around the web

website profit is very sensitive topic, if the website can not be profitable, the survival of the site is a big problem. Although the "profit" is more snobbish, but in the face of "life and death" survival problems, profitability has become a problem to be considered. Your website is profitable, this is the concern of many webmaster, after all, the work is to support themselves, to feed themselves, you must earn money. How profit, this is the problem that each stationmaster thinks most. read more

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How to build a high quality and high standard blog

since the emergence of blog, the most unfortunate to the number of major forums, the original forum experience is very difficult, but the emergence of blog, so that many members have run to engage in personal blog, the forum is more difficult to operate. Blogs were originally just personal writing space, but more and more excellent blogs have gained more access than regular websites. At the same time, many bloggers still have very little traffic per day, and many people give up blogging. Now that’s the case, let’s just blog and how to build a high traffic and quality blog, read more

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Highlight long breakdown Baidu say it turned out to be the killer


year Fanfou and jiwai and become martyrs, micro-blog’s new Internet products in Chinese dormant for a period of time, then to Sina micro-blog and the hot line to start Chinese users of the micro-blog era. Subsequently, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase and other portals full of micro-blog products, and other small and medium-sized sites micro-blog is countless. In a flash, 2010 became the micro-blog year.


micro-blog still take the so-called high-end line, this point follows the Sina blog promotion, a large number of celebrities to Sina micro-blog into absorbing enough eyeballs, a moment to become the most popular micro-blog website. And followed by Tencent, micro-blog, Tencent rely on a huge number of users, without fully open registration, the rapid accumulation of tens of millions of users. Big with sina, micro-blog, a taste, and as for Sohu, NetEase, micro-blog is basically no popularity, not worth mentioning. read more

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Gay social networking fly Zan operating tips for millions of users of the source

The development of the

social networking site validates the "six degree separation theory" that is, the context of relationships, and you can definitely meet anyone in the world by not more than six people". The social circle of individuals will continue to expand and overlap, and eventually form a large social network. "Fly praise net" is China’s most popular platform for gay social networking. In 2010, it was founded by Ling Ling, who graduated from Tsinghua University. Known as China’s comrade version facebook. The concept of "gay social intercourse" was first put forward in china. Its mobile terminal Comrade dating software ZANK formally launched in May 7, 2013, has released Android, iOS, WP three versions. Since its launch, Zank has 2 million users. read more

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How to analyze websites through S logs

see this title, you will need to log IIS analysis of a contemptuous disregard,? I have traffic statistics, 51yes, cnzz, 51la and so on a lot, comprehensive functions, it is also convenient here, "please don’t rush to conclusions, read below the IIS log analysis.

first, how to download the IIS log file. If you have a standalone server in IIS information services window, click on the property to set up the web site, in the "tab you can see the" startup log record ", you can set the location to save the log log log format and so on, the generated IIS virtual host user can be provided by space operators. If the network called" weblog log download". read more

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