How to focus on the home page of the list of search results page flow

what is this? Is this keyword in the distribution of the baby to tears, the significance is how to grasp the competition, to obtain the flow of your environment in

is the first keyword competition, the number of baby that contains the keywords. Next is the customization, this will be customized according to the buyer’s search habits, age price, consumption levels are recommended for baby, so as to achieve a thousand thousand faces. Personalized search is the focus of this year, but also the future focus of many new products including small sellers is an opportunity, the contents of the next time we go. read more

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Love Shanghai night update mad by 10 times included secret

yesterday evening love Shanghai big update, I believe that many owners and the same to night, waiting for the end of the outbreak, almost a night last night I stared at the love Shanghai update, love Shanghai really awesome, I stand between Zhengzhou group included night Bo network increased from 1520 to 11700, following the author just as we opened a page included a 10 fold increase in secret.

then the author of the web log analysis, web log found in a large number of 302 and 404 spiders return a status code, 302 and 404 status code on the website of the people should be very clear, the worst case would be led directly to the site is K, then the time in 20 or so on the dynamic URl to do 301 the next few days, log in the 302 and 404 state codes began to gradually reduce. read more

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Let you talk about these years sensitive and nervous love Shanghai

for this problem, I believe we are very interested in the novice friends especially. Many times we will find will be accompanied by changes, irregular snapshot before the keywords ranking drop so stagnant, then delayed a few days, the keywords ranking is not stable, the snapshot is not normal. But conversely, snapshot update slow, site keywords ranking will fall? Before answer this question, we must first understand the snapshot is a what kind of representation. In the official definition, only provide a snapshot preview effect in the web page cannot be opened normally on the occasion, which is a text document, there is no other value, but the difference of update frequency snapshot updates speed obviously with you to decide the content of timely, high quality and original content, and between in the basis of a difference will be reflected, is an excellent source of information that in the opinion, the snapshot update rate naturally faster, if not the performance, so the snapshot should slow down, but the simple snapshot update and brand keywords ranking hung together, is clearly not appropriate. read more

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The website optimization keywords layout strategy

This is the use of

(1) using H1 tags, usually on the main page of each keyword description, there is only one H1 tag.

(2) using H2 tags, is generally a repeat of the main keyword phrases can be main keywords similar phrases or short descriptive phrases. H2 tags are often used in some minor themes or long tail keywords overlap.

tags in order to highlight the title of the site, the optimization of the title is a key keywords layout. The title of the positioning should include keywords to do, but many of the pages of the site title cannot be identical, the length of the key is not too long. The search engine to show the length of 27 words in the title, but the title should not be too short. Do Title keywords lottery website program 贵族宝贝yikuyun贵族宝贝/ site, I usually control in 10-27 words. To simplify the title name, type I is the "keyword – Web page – a simple description of the keywords". The title once determined not to do modification! read more

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Life is a pure land in Shanghai Longfeng indifferent attitude to

for these questions, the beauty of Shanghai dragon for the first week Jane does not express any opinion, but just want to ask you a question: do you love Shanghai, love? If you stick to it; not love it, immediately quit now. Very simple, why where tangled it die. Later, who knows, the sky is falling, there are tall people braved the. Dear friends, you love your job?


I don’t know if you choose to do at first Shanghai dragon is for what reason, perhaps some people because of interest; and perhaps want to quickly make a lot of money; or what other reasons. However, the beauty of Shanghai dragon week Jane is because of interest before entering the Shanghai dragon in this industry. The 6.22 and 6.28 events, surely we must remember. Because love Shanghai the adjustment of the algorithm, let us do it hard standing overnight flooded, especially in the medical industry station is too horrible to look at. Then there will be a lot of friends lost in confusion. "Baidu" the heart of a woman’s heart is harder than we think, and then continue to do Shanghai dragon’s words, we will have a good prospect? If one day Shanghai dragon disappeared, what do we do? Will not be lost? read more

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Linktech Fashion uprising net increase the Commission notice n 2007 the site earned a lot of money

since December 18, 2007, the Commission for all products has been raised from 5.6% to 7%.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

more League information is available:

Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256

!Linktech !

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

dear League member,

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: read more

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How to create the inside and outside the station optimization to promote the rankings

in the main chain should pay attention to the following:

] to our website like a spider web, and each link in the website is search engine spiders crawling the road, link analysis ranking algorithm of search engine is a very important part, the reasonable layout and optimization of links to a website ranking has a very important significance, this girl share with you how to link the website optimization.

two, the construction of the chain

we all know that links share the chain and the chain of two parts, the inner chain refers to the mutual link between the same site each page, such as home to the home page, column page to page, column page to page etc.. Outside chain refers to the outside of the links on the page object to this website and resource links, as we often say that a chain, a chain belongs to. So, how to do read more

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To use the Shanghai dragon Optimization Website Forum

is not afraid of deep alley, good article in the article appeared in one’s own name, then the user can also find, and to search it, if it is deliberately to promote their own websites, it is likely that the administrator will be considered in advertising, generally speaking now to forum are those spam, especially the machine group released XXX information, followed by the Shanghai Phoenix staff issued the link for the general advertising, administrators and moderators will be lenient, of course, we should also go to the forum according to the quality, such as the quality of the quality of our forum can be almost a little too (I don’t in fact, the forum recommended) and good quality forum article quality will be better, a lot of selling Adult supplies stores, is the use of the series to promote their own The product, this article is difficult to write, but very effective. read more

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Talk about the money made since built itNot yet received the sh419 union December Commission ind

seventh pot of gold, we look at this station, give me some advice to get the new www.hh0456, hoping to bring me seventh gold

third sold several pot of gold, I get a domain name, a domain name just included COM sold 300 yuan, sold two yuan just included CN50, also a small amount of money. Oh


if you are illegal, but non subjective and relatively minor violations, you should adjust the site, apply for re opened after 3 months.

this article represents only personal views and does not represent the sh419 alliance position. read more

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Make full use of a high quality of the original article

put the article to related forums, and web link


ads make many people feel uncomfortable, but the influence of advertising effectiveness in soft advertising is profound, such as movies, remember a few years ago a little film "Crazy Stone", a phrase, "the brand, Baleno, over the years, every time go to the pedestrian street of the Baleno store, I would not think of the line, this is the power of advertising. So, write a high quality of the original article, add a few words and their website keywords related topics, is very necessary, but you have to have a degree, to "touch" instead of "superfluous" read more

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Analysis of keyword selection and analysis of that point thing


keyword analysis but also pay attention to the following factors, first look at Google, love input target keywords Shanghai input box, the number of search engine results, returns the number more, said the greater the degree of competition relative; otherwise returns the number less, the competition for the smaller relative said.

The top 10 sites in the industry

the number of search results and the popularity of

The basic idea of

on the importance of network marketing and Shanghai dragon is self-evident, "sun · seek the article" attack, said: "the enemy, know yourself, is that" friends "and" knowing ", requirements of decision makers in the war before, careful plan, do the" enemy "and ever victorious. We Shanghai dragon Er website this optimization is also determined, keywords preliminary analysis is very important. The competition website often need Shanghai dragon in the process, the only way to really do a good job in Shanghai. The implementation of the project of Shanghai dragon dragon, the correct analysis of competitors is a very important link keywords. read more

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Stage summary of the July 11th Shanghai algorithm and fluctuation habits of love

loves Shanghai algorithm by noble baby, has not been so pure, because it cannot get rid of manual intervention of the shadow, as well as Shanghai love their own products, from Wikipedia to know to the library, if your station optimization strength is not enough, then the final keyword ranking may still lags behind its own these products, which for a fair and objective to conduct the search engine has been criticized by the problem.


in the circle of love, Shanghai has a nickname called "Baidu", sounds very funny, but think carefully to admire the webmaster of humor and appropriate, to fall in love with the sea plays such a nickname. On the one hand, called "Baidu", love of Shanghai is Chinese website "mother", the love of Shanghai "serve" good for you, included in the rankings, awesome, that means the rushing flow and income earning large quantities of gold each day is not good, it may serve. Keywords encounter decline, K included a tragic end; on the other hand, called "Baidu" can be understood as the love of Shanghai is not a good temper, always some irregular volatility effects lead to fluctuations in the website included and rankings, volatility as specific situation is different, sometimes less however, sometimes very violent. This does not, the recent 6.28 included large fluctuations is not completely over, some included suffered soaring or plummeting sites now are gradually adjustment. read more

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Personal webmaster on website content title optimization skills

derivativeThe enterprise website

about the content of the web site construction, there are many on the network view, quick search website, " " the Pumianerlai! I saw many, feeling very much the same, a character is relatively large: the original content! Of course, now the search engine more and more attention to how to improve the user experience effect. The user experience effect? Is nothing more than to show the real thing! So to copy and paste what search engines to be rather victimizes one thousand one can not let go! But because of the pressure of competition, the necessary means of competition or to use! Based on the observation on the search engine search engine for many years, before examining an article is focused on the value of the title of the article! So the optimization of personnel in the title of the article more effort, the following will for many years in the content optimization experience As a personal share: read more

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Promotion forum to enhance the user registration series seven

may have other types of users, I think these temporary. For all these users we most need to solve is the last 3 users, because the first thing you can do is to write detailed registration steps in the forum, you can’t teach a potential user registration. In order to solve the three kinds of user registration requirements we need to give them a little stimulation, let them think that registration is to get some things, the prize is integral.

(3) a group of lazy users, that the registration is very troublesome, they just to look at the forum, is not involved. read more

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The first three love Shanghai website optimization Shanghai Longfeng analysis at a glance

According to the basic elements of Shanghai dragon

optimization, we first take a look at Meten English website optimization reasonable place

4, ALT property

Title, Keywords Description, is an important position in the deployment of page keywords.


all the URL address should be static form and the level of not more than three layers, the overall structure of the URL site into a tree flat structure to search engine crawling, conducive to the user experience.



Title: advice on writing keywords 1_ keywords 2_ keywords 3- brand name, to highlight the brand, brand name – 1_ 2_ keyword keywords 3 keywords. read more

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Shanghai Dragon optimization scheme is the basic execution is the key

content of the construction is good, directly affect the experience of your user on the site, high quality content of great help for users, browsing your website directly determine the amount, residence time, bounce rate, so part of the core content of construction site.

To optimize a The actual behavior of After the

we all know, enterprises pay attention to the influence of trademark, trademark registered enterprises do not care how? How do I register? How much? Do they care about most is whether the trademark domineering, tall, once the trademark registration, enterprise website is up to the trademark name to make, website content is generally calm. The registered trademark also needs to pay attention, to consider whether to post promotion, optimization of favorable, also help to build content. read more

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Simple talk about page weight transfer guide

currently are recognized, and use more popular is the use of robots.txt and nofollow, the specific details and use your own love Shanghai OK, especially how to make good use of them, link weight to effectively guide page. Personal feeling:

said here to guide is to guide the spider, the spider told the limited power, the focus of which pages crawl, which pages are not important, so you can make your site according to the weight distribution to your website the limited power of spider crawling in the limited time the page number and page quality. So now many large forums, such as NetEase, because the update frequency is very high, in order to guide the spider crawling mainly high quality pages, rather than just updated posts, so the new posts were added nofollow. read more

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Shenyang Shanghai Dragon what causes the website ranking drop

said so much, you should know where to make our web site development. The most taboo is the problem, Huangbuzelu, the root of the problem is not found, then using various methods on the network, to optimize the operation, this may be counterproductive.

Author: Shenyang Shanghai dragon Yang Lin source: 贵族宝贝yanglin贵族宝贝/1488.html please cherish the people of Shanghai Longfeng labor.


site outside the chain is undeniably a very important factor in the rankings, the ranking drop right in a short time, a large number of content over the chain will be regarded as cheating, or a chain from spam sites can lead to drop right. So everyone in the chain must follow the principle of fine and accurate, the chain is released in useful places, such as you do in Shenyang travel, so I will put the chain release in some tourism forum, and some tourism classified information website, the chain is important not only useful but also can play the publicity effect. read more

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Teach you three easily improve the site keywords ranking

web site keywords ranking is a lot of people pay more attention to the problem, at the same time, improve the key word ranking is also a lot of people are doing every day. Especially now love Shanghai algorithm has undergone great changes in 2011, the new study period is longer, it is generally 2 months website can have very good ranking. Unlike the 2010 love Shanghai to the railway station, as long as the attitude update daily articles and make some high quality of the chain of 20 days to have very good ranking. So, facing the transformation algorithm of frequent love Shanghai, we optimize our new sites keywords ranking will decide on what path to follow this is a lot of new, the webmaster want to know the problem, in order to make the new station can quickly through the love of Shanghai period, get the favour of spiders, so as to get a good ranking Shanghai Longfeng, shorten optimization time and quickly achieve profitability. Otherwise, after not long love Shanghai period had been abandoned, it should not. So, we how to improve their site rankings? Road to Jane is nothing more than to increase the anchor text, and the keyword density adjustment, which is well below the read more

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The fact that the amount of contribution by the theory of site page ranking

love site domain name website home page is not the first case, I published an analysis of "Shanghai site Bowen: love, home is not the first cause". The paper published in Admin5 has attracted a lot of criticism, in which several people believe that site is not the first home page is a sign of right down, some people say I understand Shanghai dragon is not deep enough, so this is the fallacy. One of the men accused me of have the order reversed he believes that because of the weight of the home page, did not low contribution, no contribution so site can’t rank first. There are people that site is not the first home page, ranking will certainly disappear a few days. read more

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