360 search check whether the safety index is helpful to improve the ranking

: friends broke the news found that 360 of the search Shanghai dragon

Shanghai Longfeng expert Zhang Jianjun commented that the 360 to safety as a basic service, now launched a search engine, recommended more secure web site is also reasonable. When the reporter contacted the 360 company to verify the above speculation, the staff will not buy, also did not release any relevant rules of Shanghai dragon.

in the search engine market, no wonder Wurenbuxiao, the industry leader Shanghai love to occupy the market first, but recently, there is a new search engine in August 16, 2012, joined the Qihoo 360 took the bill, launched a comprehensive search, began the search engine road. read more

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To improve the product conversion rate from the station began to strengthen user interaction

improve the user interaction of the second good details is to provide a convenient and compact reprint button to allow users to share website articles and pictures. Today is the era of a share of the times, why Mourinho would then fire? The reason is that a reason for users to reprint and share his mv. If our articles and pictures can also be.

: the first to set up a friendly and practical consultation window for

, a photo sharing

(2) consultation window do not become no one answered decoration tools. If the team product management station, should be assigned some of the members of the specialized website customer service, at any time to answer the user’s question; if the individual owners of business, to recruit some part-time staff to help answer, but do not set the machine automatically return to the user, otherwise you will very disgusted. read more

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