The entry of new companies on the Shanghai dragon how to integrate into the new team

second: the team in a low-key life, high-profile work

called a man of large companies, small companies to do things in a new environment, you are a newcomer, the team members are very strange, to integrate into the new team first into the crowd. Whether it is work or team, to actually need a period of time, the leadership at this time you may arrange some tasks, one is the test your ability or skill, on the other hand is to understand your working style and attitude. The latter is more important, because the skills can improve through training, but the work style and attitude is very difficult to correct, some girls do Shanghai dragon is very careful and very patient. But some of the boys is not good, always sit still, do not fit this line. In this regard, I believe a word: a low-key life, high-profile work, make no reply to do their own thing, and you can find new ways to do things better. This employee is certainly worthy of company focus on training, of course leadership > read more

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To love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the trend to snatch the initiative do website optimization

recently heard love Shanghai in the adjustment of the algorithm, more and more attention to the content of the original, I believe this trend is, whether or not it really was adjusted, the original weight will be higher in the next Shanghai dragon in the process of development, so suggest you do the content on the website is very original, the sooner conform to this trend you, get more opportunities, more time can compete in competitors and occupy the dominant position. Some people say that they will not be original, simply can not find the original content, but for me it is to give yourself an excuse not to go to the original, you will not the key is that you are not hard to learn how the original, you would find the important content to you is not hard to find too. read more

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What are the considerations of the site outside the chain

3, outside the chain this paper cut some error sensitive words. Sometimes, we do not use those sensitive words, but after two word up may be some sensitive words, the search engine is the machine, not artificial, not yet intelligent so strong, or be careful.

4, remember lots of errors in the purchase link. Some people are impatient, buy high quality links, want to put the site quickly to line up, but the search engine is not so easy to cheat, a large number of high quality chain, will certainly arouse suspicion, was pinned to the search engine it will extend the new station included time, the old station, directly the influence in the rankings. So, Shanghai dragon tree to remind you that everything must not overdo sth.. read more

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With the noble Translate translation of a new baby will be treated as spam

The analysis of video

in short, noble baby hope you don’t content machinery so stiff, making content can not be so lazy, it is best to find a professional translation.

Matt to keep watch:


Matt Cutts yesterday nobility baby passed a new video, which explains how to deal with the problem of localized content. Matt Cutts said that if the use of noble baby Translate to automatically your site will be translated into a foreign language version of the domain name in a country under a new word, will be treated as spam. For example, suppose I / O ( developed a version of India (, complete with noble baby Translate to translate the spam with no two. read more

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Website optimization from hard transformation into a social network search engine

has been at it! From the original

to make no reply substantial adjustment algorithm results in many sites are K be right down to today’s large and small announcement, love Shanghai for guiding and monitoring station optimization is more and more obvious, however, is in a way all sites were closed. A few simple examples to illustrate:

chain is king of the times, even if the website of the poor do poor, as long as a few hair the chain, you can rank than many of the old station weight high rankings have to rely on, with the site, the site is more and more depend on the love of Shanghai, keywords ranking is more and more intense, love Shanghai dry, a whole what LEE talk about the construction of the chain, well, your forum signature links all the replies, what do not count, not only that, even when the garbage outside the chain, to continue to do so, the right to drop it! Even in your website or paper what is the chapter or in short, for some reason you left a link in a web site in Shanghai do not love love, regardless of others or yourself, do not remove, so right down, I’ll give you a denial of the chain tool, how to do, since you Www.studstu贵族宝贝 read more

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Tourism website links ten suggestions

so, if everyone in your information about page about Cyprus, said the website for the tourist guide of Cyprus is great, then the baby is likely to recognize the nobility of this information, the nature of your site search ranking will be in front.

click on the button to add some websites, such as "forwarded to micro-blog" and "love it", these simple operation can let more people know your site, to help promote your website brand.

if your website content is very good, why not let people easily share your website to their friends and colleagues read more

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The title of the article writing is not good Try the two strokes

have not seen the search engine below will automatically add some keywords for you? This is now the search engine intelligent development, if you love your usual search for some questions, you will find that the search engine will automatically add some key words. Like this, you only need to enter the micro business, the search engine will automatically recommend you some search terms, such as micro business how to find the source, do what derivative products to sell etc..

some people will ask, someone had written this article, the title is the same, but. read more

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What is Shanghai dragon success Do you know

today, the Internet is becoming more and more fierce competition, the number of sites already can be used to describe not the number, and the user wants to directly find he needs website has become very difficult. The search engine is the user and website of the intermediary business, so I want to let their own content to show in front of the user, so we must first be search engines love your website, how search engines love your website, is mainly responsible for Shanghai dragon

The rate of conversion of read more

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Case analysis of enterprise impact Shanghai Longfeng flow conversion factor

often have customers for advice such as "how to improve the conversion rate of Shanghai station dragon" such problems, starting from the Shanghai dragon’s point of view, this problem is very difficult to give you what answer, after all, Shanghai Longfeng the conversion rate of flow and is closely related to many aspects, a sentence of two words also say not clear, moreover a Shanghai Longfeng staff is a layman for product design, so you can’t meet the customer to give him much meaningful suggestions, a few days ago and have a similar problem of customer consultation I, I have a little idea, write it out, I hope to play a role, the friend to sell the steel net, has its own website, also made the Shanghai dragon, ranking can also, but traffic is not how, because only the keywords search volume is small. read more

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6 important factors of website page rank not

3. "new website ranking" of the web page rank without

For the love of Shanghai

algorithm of the web page rank no false friends, you can make a complaint some necessary; if the complaint has no effect of friends can wait for the update to search strategy to solve.

With the What is the name of the "new" If the

site for revision, will cause the website page rank not, this phenomenon is not the way to see the fresh (such as: URL transform, program replacement, replacement, the core content of website website template replacement). read more

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Love Shanghai will replace the Bing Windows 10 Chinese default search engine

, Bing interface Windows 10 browser will be in the near future to replace the default love Shanghai.

Shen Xiangyang announced love Shanghai to become a strategic partner of Microsoft

July 29, 2015, Microsoft in Beijing, including China worldwide simultaneous release of the latest version of Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft executive vice president Shen Xiangyang (Harry Shum) announced that love Shanghai became a strategic partner in the new Microsoft China Windows 10 upgrade, to provide genuine Windows 10 update and download channel in its search service. read more

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How to optimize the content page to enhance the website ranking

chain for the king has been Shanghai Longfeng workers advocate a word, but today the chain has nothing, and the homogeneity is very high, we must aim a word: content is king. The content is completely original and has its own unique characteristics, and how to optimize the content page, has become a study with us today.

Two techniques of

4: the content page optimization purpose: second optimization of the first

is often used in the creation of content owners is acquisition and pseudo original, saving time and labor are opportunistic behavior, but come down for a long time for the website is tantamount to doing, we create a website and attract customers to come to visit, our aim is to provide the content can create value for the customer, if the contents of a large number of acquisition due to the existence of all sites fits, it is difficult for you to site in talent shows itself in the thousands, if false original special is realized by software for pseudo original, synonyms, format upset behavior, the content will be irrelevant, mere trash, not to mention the value of reading, such customers will study? In this way leads to the PV data is not normal, low loyalty, visitors jump out rate is high, because at the same time No original content itself, or the quality of the content is very low, the search engine will not love, it is difficult to give you a good ranking. read more

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Guess Shanghai will link to the website to take what strategy

there are two issues, one is to buy links, one is to sell the link. Love Shanghai since that link for hyperlink intention, that is to say whether it is to buy and sell love Shanghai are certainly not supported. But in fact, whether to buy or sell link link, the love of Shanghai is not very good screening, especially to buy links, search engine how to determine? Buy links is to have a high weight of some of the sites to their website a one-way link, but not all one-way links are links to buy, exactly said, most of the one-way links should not buy links. Obviously, this is certainly not the judgment method. In fact, personally think that love Shanghai is basically impossible to simply rely on the machine to identify whether a site for the link to buy, unless there is a website deliberately die within a short time volume increased a lot of unidirectional links, whether a site to buy links sometimes is artificial to field observations are not necessarily divided well, after all, no humanity, must be more difficult to distinguish. read more

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Discussion on how to design the enterprise website to meet the standard of Shanghai Dragon


a good corporate website should be elegant, concise, should highlight the advantages and characteristics of the largest enterprises, such as products and services etc.. At the same time, the enterprise website should also install an online customer service response system, such as the convenience of visitors, and with the enterprise customer service to communicate online, please don’t keep your contact with a picture to write, should take the initiative to lock customers.

has a good marketing force of enterprise website title should be very professional, accurate. If an enterprise is specialized in Shenzhen interior decoration, can write the title: "Shenzhen interior decoration choose home phone actually 400-071-7777 Shenzhen home interior decoration company" personally think that writing would be better, do not pile too many keywords in the title, the title should highlight the company’s brand keywords (main business company name and telephone). Once the site keywords to determine the main keywords, then, is to find the rest of the long tail keywords corresponding, and website content must be very professional, because you are professional, so the search engine of your choice on the front, because you are professional, so customers have chosen you. read more

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Beginners Shanghai dragon where to start

Shanghai dragon was gradually opened, now the popularity of Shanghai dragon is very wide, many enterprises to join the Shanghai dragon competition, hoping to bring more benefits to enterprises. With the popularity of Shanghai dragon, more and more people realize the importance of Shanghai dragon on the website of the competition, Shanghai dragon also increases. Then the newcomers entering Shanghai dragon industry how to start? There are many things about this website, from my personal opinion of the people of Shanghai New Dragon two novices from Ho: read more

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Establishment of description tag based on four basis points

for the site of the Shanghai dragon we pay attention to is it write site description label is the same, not too deliberately changed, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er when writing description tags are only thinking about how to be more keywords added to the site of description tags, and they tend to forget the importance of the description tag I think, write a site description tag first should naturally, the following two examples:

although many Shanghai dragon Er are thinking site description tags are keywords, search engine has gradually been underestimated, but I think that whatever search engine released by the Shanghai dragon guide how to say, we should be realistic analysis of the problem, there the keywords, description tag is still on the site of the Shanghai dragon plays a great role and we can imagine that if we don’t have no description tag keywords, how to enhance the user experience? Users to enter the site before the site to see, how to understand the site? This is a good experience and enhance the user’s idea is contrary, below I talk about the site of description how to write a label should conform to the requirements of search engine. read more

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[] data analysis index decreased common causes and Solutions

A, the content quality decreased

: domain name (or URL), all the other URL domain are 301 redirect to the main domain (or URL), and the webmaster tools to submit the domain name (or directory revision revision of URL

solution: to improve the quality of the contents, see Shanghai love webmasters college related content; to do a simple copy, the integration of information.


B, the update frequency and quantity decreased by

[data] station has an external platform using

site favored decreased read more

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Greet the new year changed love Shanghai new add mobile search index


this is the love of the Shanghai search index page

public opinion inside the housekeeper can observe the dynamic hot news related to key words, in fact, I am most concerned about is one of the two points, one is love Shanghai know, there is a popular micro-blog. In fact, this is love in Shanghai to suggest that what is not implied, in fact we have found, love Shanghai for their products ranking is more emphasis on the. Love Shanghai know can have very good rankings, "use the good effect read more

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Bing core search on the R & D department search quality view

this is our defects, we mainly through three areas to solve this kind of wrong query method:

this is one of the main sources of defects related to our search, said web queries, such as "facebook贵族宝贝" or "YAHOO website / mailbox" query, at first glance, you might think this is a simple question. After all, the search engine (Bing) contains billions of Web site, find a site, not much difficulty. But in reality, this type of query is actually quite complex. Because all of us will use many spelling variants. read more

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All circles on electric business circle

the organizers are too lazy to ring, the main forum forum "business" ranking is down, did not listen to the views of improvement, although only to the contestants in competition manufacturing platform, in which their ranking of no great importance. But you should also respond positively to the organizers, he held up the game from a attitude ah. This will make the game more interesting, more intense. The atmosphere will be better. The "business"

as the game approaches, ranked in the home of the old love Shanghai leader Chen was attacked, but also spread to other sites civilink ah. read more

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