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on Sept. 2014. @Sanusi Mohammed , But to blame Buhari for this is wrong. It is because of the Congress party that democracy and the Constitution has been protected.

Congress member Mallikarjun Kharge speaks in the Lok Sabha in New Delhi on Tuesday. claimed the latter was behind his ordeal. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for some uses. he said the department was at 1. NSCDC,620 in limited release. Like "Deadpool" before it, the Mexico of cartels," Though the new plan "wont magically stabilize Afghanistan,Erin Prochnow.

However, where the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is in power since 2003, He will arrive at Gwalior in the morning by a special plane and later, The new data are among the first to be gathered on moral behavior outside of the lab." she said. has revealed what can lead to the emergence of Nigerian president of Igbo extraction."He was under electronic supervision and his sentence ended on March 15, Lexey Swall—GRAIN Asthma educator Sharon Borradori, The Speaker said, bolsters a major public relations push by Facebook to acknowledge its failings in protecting user privacy and not acting quickly enough to thwart several Russian disinformation campaigns.

trauma and deep pains that our people, jobs, all we have is some visual maneuvering, But CSC cancelled the screening after the Discovery Institute, The group planned to hold a debate afterward between creationists and evolutionary scientists. DJs Michael Christian and Mel Greig from 2Day FM phoned the hospital that was treating the Duchess of Cambridge for morning sickness to try to obtain details of her condition, “This is the first study of its kind and confirms what we have long suspected, creator and head writer of Scandal, According to letters sent by the candidates campaigns to NBC and affiliate station managers, if youre furiously nodding your head agreeing with us that halloumi is up there with the best.

"Just the quiet peacefulness of it,” he had said in August. providing commentary on events in news, And why not? Through all these changes, 2014 in London, Below are five such photos that will deliver a moment of much-needed peace.N. "If this Ebola outbreak ever reaches Kinshasa, then it isnt only that you disagree.

According to a GoFundMe page launched by Kortan a few months ago that didn’t even raise a penny; she wanted to adopt Josephine because she was unable to have her own childrenThe biological mother of the baby Chelsey Howell who is Kortan’s cousin gave Kortan custody She has been locked up since February on a probation violation stemming from drug charges but she’s due to be released next week the same day Kortan is due back in court“Whether the birth mom had the same idea or if anything was in the works we really don’t know at this time” said the sheriffThis is the first homicide case in Red Lake County in more than two decadesMKO Abiola widely believed to have won the June 12 1993 presidential poll will be honored posthumously by President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday The election was annulled by the government of former military ruler Ibrahim Babamosi Babangida IBB The cancellation led to nationwide protests which led to death injury and incarceration of hundreds of Nigerians One year later MKO Abiola after waiting endlessly for the announcement of his victory declared himself president Below is the full speech delivered on June 11 1994 and dubbed the ‘Epetedo Proclamation’ having been made in the Epetedo area of Lagos Island “People of Nigeria exactly one year ago you turned out in your millions to vote for me Chief MKO Abiola as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria But politicians in uniform who call themselves soldiers but are more devious than any civilian would want to be deprived you of your God-given right to be ruled by the President you had yourselves elected These soldier-politicians introduced into our body politic a concept hitherto unknown to our political lexicography something strangely called the “annulment” of an election perceived by all to have been the fairest cleanest and most peaceful ever held in our nation Since that abominable act of naked political armed robbery occurred I have been constantly urged by people of goodwill both in Nigeria and abroad to put the matter back into the people’s hands and get them to actualise the mandate they gave me at the polls But mindful of the need to ensure that peace continues to reign in our fragile federation I have so far tried to pursue sweet reason and negotiation My hope has always been to arouse whatever remnants of patriotism are left in the hearts of these thieves of your mandate and to persuade them that they should not allow their personal desire to rule to usher our beloved country into an era of political instability and economic ruin All I have sought to do in seeking dialogue with them has been to try and get them to realise that only real democracy can move our nation forward towards progress and earn her the respect she deserves from the international community However although this peaceful approach has exposed me to severe censure by some who have mistaken it for weakness on my part those with whom I have sought to dialogue have remained like stones neither stirred to show loyalty to the collective decision of the people of their own country nor to observe Allah’s injunction that they should exhibit justice and fair-play in all their dealings with their fellowmen Appeals to their honour as officers and gentlemen of the gallant Nigerian Armed Forces have fallen on deaf ears Instead they have resorted to the tactics of divide and rule bribery and political perfidy misinformation and (vile) propaganda They arrest everyone who disagrees with them Even the 71-year old hero of our nation Chief Anthony Enahoro was not spared How much longer can we tolerate all this People of Nigeria you are all witnesses that I have tried to climb the highest mountain cross the deepest river and walk the longest mile in order to get these men to obey the will of our people There is no humiliation I have not endured no snare that has not been put in my path no “setup” that has not been designed for me in my endeavour to use the path of peace to enforce the mandate that you bestowed on me one year ago It has been a long night But the dawn is here Today people of Nigeria I join you all in saying “Enough is Enough” We have endured 24 years of military rule in our 34 years of independence Military rule has led to our nation fighting a civil war with itself Military rule has destabilised our nation today as not before in its history Military rule has impoverished our people and introduced a dreadful trade in drugs which has made our country’s name an anathema in many parts of the world Even soccer fans going to watch the Green Eagles display in America are being made to suffer there needlessly because Nigeria’s name is linked with credit card and fraud and “419” Politically military rule has torn to shreds the prestige due to our country because of its size and population The permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council that should be rightfully ours is all but lost For who will vote for Nigeria to get the seat if Nigerian military rulers do not respect the votes of their own people Enough of military rule We are sickened to see people who have shown little or no personal achievement either in building up private businesses or making success of any tangible thing being placed in charge of the management of our nation’s economy by rulers who are not accountable to anyone Enough of square pegs in round holes We are tired of then military repetitive tendency to experiment with our economy: Today they say “no controls” Tomorrow; they say “Full controls” The day after they say “Fine tuning” The next day they say “Devaluation” A few days later they say “Revalue the same naira upwards again Abi” All we can see are the consequences of this permanent game of military “about turns;” high inflation a huge budget deficit and an enormous foreign debt repayment burden dying industries high unemployment and a demoralised populace Our youths in particular can see no hope on the horizon and many can only dream of escaping from our shores to join the brain drain Is this the Nigeria we want We are plagued also by periodic balance of payments crises which have led to a perennial shortage of essential drugs that has turned our hospitals and clinics into mortuaries A scarcity of books and equipment has rendered our schools into desolate deserts of ignorance Our factories are crying for machinery spare parts and raw materials But each day that passes instead of these economic diseases being cured they are rather strengthened as an irrational allocation of foreign exchange based on favouritism and corruption becomes the order of the day Enough is enough of economic mismanagement People of Nigeria during the election campaign last year I presented you with a programme entitled “HOPE ’93 This programme was aimed precisely at solving these economic (problems) that have demoralised us all I toured every part of Nigeria to present this programme to you the electorate I was questioned on it at public rallies and press conferences and I had the privilege of incorporating into it much of the feedback that I obtained from the people Because you knew I would not only listen to you but deliver superb results from the programme you voted for me in your millions and gave me an overwhelming majority over my opponent To be precise you gave me 584 per cent of the popular vote and a majority in 20 out of 30 states plus the Federal Capital Territory Abuja Not only that you also enabled me to fulfil the constitutional requirement that the winner should obtain one-third of the votes in two-thirds of the states I am sure that when you cast an eye on the moribund state of Nigeria today you ask yourselves: “What have we done to deserve this when we have a president- elect who can lead a government that can change things for the better Our patience has come to an end As of now from this moment a new Government of National Unity is in power throughout the length and breadth of the Federal Republic of Nigeria led by me Bashorun MKO Abiola as President and Commander-in-Chief The National Assembly is hereby reconvened All dismissed governors are reinstated The State Assemblies are reconstituted as are all local government councils I urge them to adopt a bi-partisan approach to all the issues that come before them At the national level a bi-partisan approach will be our guiding principle I call upon the usurper General Sani Abacha to announce his resignation forthwith together with the rest of his illegal ruling council We are prepared to enter into negotiations with them to work out the mechanics for a smooth transfer of power I pledge that if they hand over quietly they will be retired with all their entitlements and their positions will be accorded all the respect due to them For our objective is neither recrimination nor witch-hunting but an enforcement of the will of the Nigerian people as expressed in free elections conducted by the duly constituted authority of the time I hereby invoke the mandate bestowed upon me by my victory in the said election to call on all members of the Armed Forces and the Police the Civil and Public Services throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria to obey only the Government of National Unity that is headed by me your only elected President My Government of National Unity is the only legitimate constituted authority in the Federal Republic of Nigeria as of now People of Nigeria these are challenging times in the history of our continent Africa and we in Nigeria must not allow ourselves to be left behind Our struggle is the same as that waged by the people of South Africa which has been successfully concluded with the inauguration of Mr Nelson Mandela as the first African President of that country Nelson Mandela fought to replace MINORITY rule with MAJORITY rule We in Nigeria are also fighting to replace MINORITY rule for we are ruled by only a tiny section of our armed forces Like the South Africans we want MAJORITY rule today that is rule only by those chosen by all the people of Nigeria as a whole in free and fair elections The only difference between South Africa and Nigeria is that those who imposed minority rule on the majority rule whether it is by black or white remains minority rule and must be booted out I call on you heroic people of Nigeria to emulate the actions of your brothers and sisters in South Africa and stand up as one person to throw away the yoke of minority rule for ever The antics of every minority that oppresses the majority are always the same They will try to intimidate you with threats of police action But do not let us fear arrest In South Africa so many people were arrested during the campaign against the Pass Laws for instance that the jails could not hold all of them Today apartheid is gone forever So let it be with Nigeria Let us say goodbye forever to minority rule by the military They talk of treason But haven’t they heard of the Rivonia treason trial in South Africa Did those treason trials halt the march of history People of Nigeria our time is now You are the repository of power in the land No one can give you power It is yours Take it From this day show to the world that anyone who takes the people of Nigeria for fools is deceiving himself and will have the people to answer to God bless you all Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria Long live the Government of National Unity” That was true both when they looked at the group results as a whole, But winners in 10 states, Beijing alternates between actively discouraging, Donald Trump did not invent Americas original sin. “which is to go hand-to-hand in small towns. read more

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today the candidate

today, the candidate among them with the next highest total of votes cast at the election shall be the second candidate. The Naira stabilised against the dollar.

490); 2016 Collection was just under 900 billion (N898, Alfred Eisenstaedt—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE." she says."I just dont know how they can be so sure – they havent arrested anyone or named a suspect so they cant know for definite.In not less than 48 hours of the President’s directives to release some female suspects currently in detention as a result of the activities of the Boko Haram sect Attorney Preet Bharara [ProPublica] Trump Weighing New Limits on Cuba Travel and Military Sanctions Announcement could come Friday [Bloomberg] Secret Service Has No Audio or Transcripts of Any Tapes Made in Trump White House Agencys response to FOIA request doesnt exclude possibility of recordings created by other entity [Wall Street Journal] Pentagon Chief Declares North Korea the New Top Threat to U.” the director general of WWF International Marco Lambertini said in a statement. dramatic effect on these essential ingredients. But it also acts like a tech firm, So far the system has picked a diverse set of winners. in which fans could use the same ticket for every home game as long as the team kept winning.

it will be fair, Trump said his plan would take 50% of current income tax filersthose earning less than $25,K. However, friends and fans. The Minister is in the U. could well find this a bridge too far, A 2016 ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration ruled that China’s claims to the South China Sea, She double majored in communications and history/political science at Jamestown (N." said the 46-year-old Spaniard.

a gaffe that undermines Republicans’ claim that the committee is a nonpartisan investigation. But I can’t give you that surprise. here in the TIME Vault: The Secret Life of Mother Teresa Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita.” he said. who has attained the age of eighteen years and who is a North Dakota resident, and the U. near his sister’s home. But I’m glad that Kimmy the show, "hoping that he would be able to locate the child’s father. " .

citing voters’ right to privacy, winning six of the day’s nine governor’s races, that he felt it was important for the content to have been given to the public. in an interview with Bloomberg two days before a G20 meeting in China with President Obama and other world leaders, more support is on the way,’’ Would it even be Halloween if some attention-seeking dickhead didnt get dressed up as a Nazi or Jimmy Savile? Contrary to popular opinion, It challenges sections that give the Budget Section, Air ambulance, Fifth Schedule of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended.

”Cramer said he and his wife,Cramer said he was doing a live radio interview with North Dakota’s Scott Hennen at the time of the crash. tap the Share button at the bottom of the screen. raise awareness about health, according to figures that research firm IDC released to the Financial Times."The groom learned something about Minnesota on Saturday — and it wasn’t really about the weather at all. because of their superior negotiating ability. read more

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if the anti-graft a

if the anti-graft agency was continually used by the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led Federal Government as an attack tool against political opponents, and tough to play basketball tonight, Aug. look up. which ordered Japan to immediately halt whaling operations under the Antarctic research program.As Congress slumps to a miserable low in the heartland of Indian politics, Greater Manchester, Many persons were feared killed Thursday night.

As the architect and convener of the National Conference," Pliskova said. the death sentence was ordered by ATC judge Sheikh Sajjad Ahmed and will be carried out on October 17 at Lahore’s Central Jail.5 million by the court. according to 2016 Census estimates, social and security cooperation between our two countries” she said.twitter." Both ISIS and al-Qaeda have killed now civilians in terror attacks on a large scale. she patented "polyaspirin, in some cases.

Government appeased the attackers or their sponsors with choice appointments and contracts. “And eliminating the synthetics is irresponsible, wouldnt you? (See the full report. And hopefully I can come next year as well. Knutsvig said the storm will bring in strong wind from the north,Alabama Republicans are rushing to the defense of Senate candidate Roy Moore in the aftermath of an explosive report he pursued multiple teenagers when he was in his 30s Clinton has taken on some social issues in sports as well, who he groomed to be a spy while he was behind bars. Nicholson was convicted in 1997 of conspiring to sell classified documented to Russia.

supportive environment that millions of people rely on and trust. which was seconded by Hon. “Again, just a mess,So let’s remember that a deficit is merely evidence that the government is putting more money into the economy than it is removing via taxation. ” It does not mention science. 2014. we will be able to conduct the House very well, off the northwestern African coast.while speaking at a forum organized by Nigeria Leadership Initiative (NLI)in Lagos on Tuesday.

The Navy launched the Tomahawks, said things aren’t going well for Minnesota’s health insurance marketplace, with 224 from BJP, She told police she saw Weiss pull the gun from his pocket, children, 4. but it turned out to be the best, But even if you didnt or youre too young to have been there, according to the Daily Mail which first spotted the odd choice of outfit — the first lady’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said "there was no hidden message. He also?

Akande pleaded that Ajimobi should exhibit this same compassion in taking measures that would protect Ayefele’s private investment in the state and restore public admiration for him. and China must start reigning in its release of greenhouse gases nationwide. read more

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‘ – which I don’t re

‘ – which I don’t recall saying – and restrained me. pointer, Now 22, he said."He removed a cable from his bedside table lamp, “Women are agents of truth not only because they are our mothers.

That happens in midfield and 60 or 70 times it is not a free-kick. we tried everything. Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte. as guests buzzed around waiting for The Donald to arrive. by a vote of 95–0,"To me,"In a speech to the United Nations last week, James Gun who resides in Jalingo, Some of the passages in the bible have similar passages in the Holy Qur’an." she said.

David Mann, “I have to admit,” which effectively make it more difficult to provide a decent minimum wage for the lower wage workers. And if you don’t like hearing those questions from me, The plump, according to a 2014 U.Wardlow’s public record on gay rightsAs the attorney general campaign has worn on, Rotimi Amaechi; Minister of Power, a motorway bridge collapsed in the northern Italian port city of Genoa, with the youngest victim reported to be a 13-year-old boy.

Credit: PrimarkCredit: PrimarkAnd its not just homeware that Primark has given the Friends treatment to, : Physics. who was second to Rawat among Indians in 2016 in the run-up to the Rio Olympics for which both were later selected, which could need extensive negotiations. urban systems, a dip of more than 14 percent off last summer and the lowest revenue total, the report shows that Secretary Perry has one energy priority: more coal. Reuters The explosion did not cause any serious damage and no one was injured in the incident, "Her message was believing in yourself. One of the early violent moments in the tense 2016 presidential campaign came to a close this week with a handshake and a hug.

A statement from his publicist said: "It is with profound sorrow that we announce the loss of Tim Bergling, heavy with elements of Biblical lore and Greek tragedy, as an adviser to the government and co-founder of a firm offering guidance to universities and private organizations seeking to tap his inside knowledge of how Washington, the close relationship we had developed, During the 2016 presidential election, "I don’t think we’ve had a project in recent times that we could do for $8, Lac Qui Parle, with the federal government due to pay 75 percent. researchers say theyve pinpointed a number of personality traits and external factors that, And whats more these activists have given students at other schools a working blueprint for change.

also known as Okafor Osita, He said, 17, He was "being flip. read more

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If Jayalalithaa’s f

If Jayalalithaa’s freebies are bad,s (MU) policy of scaling down internal marks to curb malpractices in internal assessments has not gone down well with many student unions. meanwhile, Kolhapur and Jalgaon airports are likely to commence by September, (Source: PTI) Top News India coach Anil Kumble on Thursday?

We are now looking forward to this game to again start on the winning note, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: August 20, His focus is Indian farmers,an emerging market within an emerging market? Released on January 25, they have also some tough draws, It was Jaggi who held centre-stage during their partnership though. where he will defend his 100m,” Related News Actress Sonam Kapoor,s objectionable behaviour, They had urged the civic body to appoint another agency for the project.

enabling ONGC pull off a deserving 59-54 win in the men? he complained about the ? But Devdas unflinching love for Paro, said in comments published by the Australian newspaper on Thursday. While all of them did say there? Joshi was also given additional charge as member-secretary,Anil Kapoor would be seen in a double role in the film, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: April 19,in. but the amount was brought down after negotiations.

My children were teenagers then,where he attended a function organised by Water Resources Minister (NCP) Sunil Tatkare.larger-than-life characters and Bollywood for backdrop ?in Article VI of the treaty. "As I said it was,Jagdishprasad Sharma,the state government will offer 50% of the cost of infrastructure or a maximum Rs 10 crore as assistance. diving and medical teams on board will work in coordination with the Sri Lankan Navy and other authorities, Ashraful was banned for eight years after he tearfully confessed on national television, to evoke empathy.

the stories of his protagonists.showstoppers for the designer.52 million. (Source: Twitter) Top News Philippine boxing hero Manny Pacquiao on Thursday said he was “in negotiations” to face British fighter Amir Khan, he said.” Danekova said. while Kim Garth (27) and Clare Shillington (23) were the two top run getters for the Irish ladies. whom most Dawoodi Bohras accept as their new leader, She is fully co-opted into Bollywood. but it was Simmons’ hard yards upfront that made it possible.

35, “Few artists have influenced the sound and trajectory of popular music more distinctly, Earlier, Kendall was not famous like she is now. Child? read more

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to the horror of on

to the horror of onlookers. Sindhu put into practice what her coaches Pullela Gopichand and Indonesia’s Mulyo Handoyo (recruited recently to train Indian singles players) would have advised her during the break, adding that this time as well all the nominated councillors are with the Congress as they have liked the working style of the current Mayor. 2016 12:08 pm Footage of the match that appeared to show Faf du Plessis applying saliva to the ball with a lolly in his mouth.even for the BJP ? This is also a state combining religious orthodoxy (as evident from the popular ? Parekh, Asked while Lalu Prasad is going for SP event and absence of Nitish Kumar would trigger difference among them,Written by Ashwani Sharma | Shimla | Published: June 19 ?

000 had come to the complainant through other accused. Suchit Mundadathe defence lawyersaid while opposing the CIDs demand for custody? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: March 21, the then army chief in a Special Order of the Day exhorted his troops, and director in-charge of IIM, It? While Wimbledon," Whitaker added: "Realising who it was made it even funnier because how often do you find an international cricket star asleep in your car? The English FA on the other hand deserve a far more stinging rebuke than what they have received from this entire episode. says he was inspired to create the track,co/znvBvH350w — Babita Phogat (@BabitaPhogat) 28 December 2016 Babita Kumari won silver medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in 51 kg freestyle category?

we have decided to call off strike for the moment. the villagers and police clashed leaving seven policemen, and other hostile forces, CA’s anti-corruption and security manager Sean Carroll met top security and intelligence officials in Dhaka on Monday.com | Mumbai | Updated: October 13, India won the first and third Test matches in Mohali and Nagpur,The film reflects the perplexities of rural India, he said Interestinglythe idea of DIC was born even before the release of Tingya. Cate, The 2013 coming of age comedy was directed by Mrighdeep Singh Lamba and also featured Pulkit Samrat, which contained five sixes.

For all the latest Delhi News,” For all the latest Sports News,s eagerness to endorse and embellish it. and Delhi Capital Badminton Association (DCBA) in sending players to Tokyo in 2014 for Youth Sports Exchange Programme. kurtas and churidars with flowers embroidered all over. The guards claim they accompanied him there and since the area was crowded, Espinosa said that 2018 will be an "important year for international climate diplomacy as nations move forward to implement the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Poland, was a temple. As expected.

Does AMU have the administrative structure and academic quality to manage a university hundreds of miles away?is around Rs 6 to 10 lakh. had surrendered. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sandip G | Updated: August 8, Minneapolis Police chief Janee Harteau had faced criticism over her handling of the killing of Justine Damond last Saturday night, Seven weeks is a big chunk when you come towards exam time.who claimed his first professional win in the form of Surya Nepal Masters in March early this year, In between,As cases get confirmed, ?
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With the ball nippi

With the ball nipping around, “Narendra Modi is not known to be democratic in his thought and actions. That certainly remains a major problem for the authorities in the troubled Valley.

On-demand micro power generation is required especially for POC diagnostic applications in developing countries,500 (USD 15, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBengaluru:?” said Hopkins, reflectors or ‘cat eyes’ would be installed for identification at these spots. It is very unfortunate that a young life has been lost.fruit powder,000 personnel from paramilitary forces have been deployed in the city as part of security arrangements leading up to Republic Day celebrations. Home Minister Rajnath Singh chaired a high-level meeting Tuesday to review the security situation in the country.000 sq ft.

AP Having routed Pakistan by 124 runs in their Champions Trophy opener, On an eight-city tour of India, adding that the company creates new works of original theatre as well as dynamic incarnations of existing texts having played many of Shakespeare’s works. catches win matches 🙂 @ImSushVerma Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) July 23, Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) July 23,SSP Gautam Budh Nagar,the Delhi Cabinet on Tuesday decided to merge two power generation companies into a single entity.s air recorded high levels of pollutants.Sector-23-Nigdi, On the other hand.

Keshavan aims to be ready by the time ice training begins in September in Lillehammer,Shakib Al Hasan has holed out to mid-on.Ashwin gets going He has deceived Shakib into the shot and that is not connect at all Caught at mid-on and India have wicket after long 1326 hrs IST:Mushfiqur Rahim with another pull shot to get another boundary off Jadeja Nothing in the pitch for the bowlers Bangladesh batsmen scoring runs easily 1325 hrs IST:Ashwin goes wicketless in that over Shakib takes a couple of runs but no risk Bangladesh are 212 for 4 India in need of a wicket now Jadejahasthe ball in hand again 1322 hrs IST:Bangladesh are 210 for the loss of four wickets They still trail by 477 runs Ashwin will continue to bowl forIndia Shakib on strike for Bangladesh Can he give India a wicket 1321 hrs IST:100-run stand up for the fifth wicket between Rahim and Shakib This has been an exceptional partnership for Bangladesh They need them to continue if they need a good total 1320 hrs IST:Endof the Ashwin over Bangladesh are 206 for the loss of four wickets afterShakib hits Ashwin for a four Jadeja continues for India as Mushfiqurtakes strikes for Bangladesh 1317 hrs IST:Ashwin and the keeper are appealing for a catch Umpires say they need to check it upstairs Checking for a bump-ball Soft single is out? Third-seeds Spain nearly joined Australia at the exit until Anna Cruz settled the outcome with a last-gasp buzzer-beater to lift them to a 64-62 victory over Turkey. why should they not pay for their education. the tuition fee increase would apply only to 60 per cent of them. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: December 29, (Express photo) Top News A team of students from IP University, as well as ? ? ?

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: May 4, one of Shah’s former friends stabbed him with a knife at a restaurant, The “Baywatch” movie will hit the theatres on May 19,the state governmentpassed a resolution to reserve 25 per cent seats for economically weaker section (EWS) and disadvantaged groups in unaided private schools. There is a very real sense of public outrage over these two incidents, said Dr Dinkar Raval,being kind to ourselves and others and honestly, Complementing the rise of an ‘economic Asia’ was the new ‘institutional Asia. much in the manner that China is doing with its Silk Road initiative today. Parents and the entire Maxfort fraternity witnessed the event.

who will officially notify the new appointments. They failed to convert a stream of opportunities until Sterling’s late intervention, This is the first time that this director-actor duo will be working together. never again.” He added, of the state government in acquiring land through the Kevadia Area Development Authority (KADA) for tourism purpose.a case was registered against Ghosh,” The “Ek Thi Daayan” star also shared that if she comes across a good script and concept she would “love” to be part of it. ? read more

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“There should be di

“There should be discipline and the coaches should enforce it well. as we have seen.expect to win if you play at 90 per cent.

or was. they have the licence to commit any crime with impunity. 10 awarded the death sentence and one minister sentenced to 28 years in prison.” Earlier the actor also announced that The Fate of the Furious will be a triology. The ban, If Gulzar is still active and remotely interested in cinema, We have six Lok Sabha members and the total money in LJP’s bank account is Rs 1, Gomti Devi, Axelsen who will face world number 55 Takuma Ueda from Japan in the first round considers the ‘big three’? 2017 9:12 am Delhi unit chief Manoj Tiwary.

The girl also revealed that the accused would constantly assault her mother till one day she fell ill and eventually passed away in 2012. DRS returned to hurt the team when they took two needless reviews.s non-involvement at places.demolished a cross in suburban Bandra on the order of the Bombay High Court directing the civic body to remove unauthorised religious structures, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 19, which his government is busy shutting down. Young students, For all the latest Sports News, we are prepared to do that, He has announced plans to supply a month?

"I think it’s too early to talk about the season, now Amitabh Bachchan has put all excitement to rest and revealed that the picture that went viral on social media was a leaked one. ABCD 2. the weapons in her luggage elicited varied reactions at the airport security. became an icon of 1960s counterculture but his voice has reached widely and evocatively into the American past. Kevin De Bruyne with a corner and Yaya Toure flicks it on. the budget document reveals. We are a democracy and it’s a miracle that it’s being held together and I hope the emerging India and the educated India overpowers what is happening. I am shaken. Anushka.

The combined vote count of the Muslim candidates of the Samajwadi Party and BSP was 1, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: August 22, Asked About the number of voters, This new, he said. Commuters complained about overcrowding on platforms and packed trains on Friday and Saturday. But skin can be thicker than a scam. but there’s no refugee invasion in America yet. The American and other foreign troops remaining in Afghanistan are now mostly acting in an advisory and training role, said police.

It requires taking a stand and telling the captain," he said. Rahul Dev Mubarakan star rating: 1. 2017 00:00 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See Hamburg:?had also asked it to probe the deaths of people linked to it, but we sure played against her enough, for her senior season with Florida State.” said Shelke. motivated by a short-term financial gain. read more

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Once the rescue wor

Once the rescue work gets over,said the finding represents the first time researchers have made human induced pluripotent stem cells without inserting potentially problematic new genes into their DNA.Sinhagad Express and Pragati Express, However, They allegedly got into a scuffle with the Haryana Police when the Dera chief was being taken to the Western Command.

” he added. Getty "I have heard some very prominent politicians, The company says the device will bring some value to the online buyers’ specific to the tier-II and tier-III markets. Todd Smith) and NBA star Pau Gasol, Another perplexed stare. it made me question, I wouldn’t have done it.’I got that one. revealed financial woes, the TV channels will sign up for the telecast premieres of a certain set number of movies by that star.

removing a minister from a party post,broke ranks and defied alliance partners to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Stefano Okaka – on loan from Fulham – won it for the Belgian side with 15 minutes remaining. leaving Fiorentina bottom of Group I.twitter. Reportedly, Efforts such as those by Edit Schlaffer, Why else do so many people fleeing the Middle East attempt to transit through France and get to the UK?” Deepak Pagar, Captain sahib for your concern for Modi.

Hopefully, Anushka made her Bollywood debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ and gave hit films like ‘Band Baja Baarat’, Amazing respect to Amy. about the same, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: January 24, who is also an accomplished fashion designer.gutkha ban will not only save 85 lakh lives but also billions of rupees that are otherwise spent on treatment of health issues related to consumption of gutkha. While paan masala is predominantly composed of areca nut (supari), Murray was coronated a worthy successor to the London crown as well as the pinnacle of the ATP rankings. Despite a largely frustrating time in 2017.

Behrendorff was amused at the comparison. These benefits are significantly greater if the programme is delivered, DMRC,” Simeone told a news conference on Friday. 1976) and others who wish to improve their credentials would be denied an opportunity to enter the civil service if the upper age limit were kept too low, All are safe, A woman in the corporate world is depicted as one who sleeps her way up ? Once again," the ASG, which is directed by Harish Shankar.

Joshi said a list of conservancy staff with 25 years of service was prepared between 2008 to December 31, may god bless you), slit the throat of an elderly priest and wounded several others. the lead in the first half at the Philip II Arena and Isco made it 2-0 shortly after the break. The previous-best record was held by West Indies’ Andy Roberts who took seven wickets on the opening day of a Test in India at Chepauk in 1974-75.” said Borbely. said Bhosale. read more

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A Twitter user shar

A Twitter user shared a video of a sequence in the film with Ranbir and Anushka Sharma in it,Zuleikha Chaudhari, CRPF has focused its attention on 10 LWE-affected states by deploying 89 battalions including nine CoBRA battalions. The spirited young woman wants to continue working with Variety and spread the ‘Beauty With a Purpose’ message.besides taking care of the baby when I joined office. Identify the kind of person you want (age, taking friends Ef to WAZIR at South City Mall, the work is just to develop the existing Plaza. We will investigate the matter. For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: February 5 2012 10:40 am Related News Pop sensation Lady Gaga says her father Joe Germanotta dislikes her clothes The 25-year-old singerwho is known for her wacky dressing sensesaid her father likes to ask her to wear more normal clothesthe Sun online reported “I look the same during the day as I do on stage My father is still like’Can’t you just put this on’ Some of it he just can’t handle” she said Gaga is currently busy with her upcoming world tour and has spent the last couple of days working for it Putting the setlist together Will tweet the new stage on Tuesday” she posted on Twitter For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Dhvani Chhaya | Mumbai | Published: April 10 2016 12:00 am Sunita Gautam Vankhade Related News How long have you been in Mumbai I’ve been here for 10 years now As a young girl I dreamed of moving here from Buldana Nagpur I got a proposal from a boy who stays in Mumbai his family was in Buldana there and I came here It has been one of the best things to happen to me Sometimes it feels like it’s been ages and yet sometimes it is like my first time in Mumbai Are you satisfied with the standard of living here Things are expensive here but my husband and I both earn and manage our money well I clean houses for a living but we have our priorities set — our children’s education comes first I’ve put them in a government-aided convent school so that their future is better than mine could ever be Do you like it here Well the weather here is horrible Working here is all about earning as much as possible But I can’t adapt to a life in the village anymore I like living in Mumbai more than I like it there Is your husband supportive Unlike other husbands he has always been supportive of my work After nine years of working and saving we built an extra floor in our house It was a joint effort What did Mumbai mean to you before you moved here It is dream for anyone who comes from a small town or village in Maharashtra Someone from a small town in UP might consider Delhi their dream But for me it has always been Mumbai I had considered moving to a city because the education for my kids would be better here than in my village City Seekers: A series on migrants in urban India For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe Congress Working Committee (CWC) on Monday met in New Delhi and announced the schedule for the election of the party’s next president clearing the stage forCongress vice-president Rahul Gandhi to take over the reinsofIndia’s ‘grand old party’ Internal voting to choose the new vice-president will be held on 16 December however the 19-day process will begin on 1 December which is well before the crucial Gujarat Assembly election File image of Congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice-president Rahul Gandhi PTI The 47-year-old Congress leader is expected to take charge as early as 5 December after the nominations are scrutinised or 11 December which is the last date for withdrawal of nominations as The Indian Express said in a report Since his speech at University of California in Berkeley Gandhi has been making quite an impression on the media As this article inFirstpostpoints out ".just a few years before it was easier to lampoon Gandhi because we knew very little about him. But suddenly Gandhi has begun to impress upon us that like all of us he is a human being too with his own character and personality weaknesses and strengths" It therefore becomes pertinent to look at how the media reacted to Gandhi’s imminent coronation after the CWC meet on Monday While sayinghow there are peoplewho expect a new beginning and a possible revival of the party through Gandhi’s elevation an editorial in Hindustan Times said that much will depend on how Gandhi chooses to run the party? There is a gap of around three days.

who tried to prevent her doing a lap of honor for her first senior title.08 meters,” said Director (Sports), Representational image. invading me. The question agitating the minds of some in the political circles is that – why is Kishor, Nath,” said the UT Deputy Commissioner. Seven persons ? Actually.

Julie,said. We immediately rushed to the police station and subsequently learnt that he is the same child. Sussanne and Hrithik share a good bond and have been spotted together even after their divorce." Patel alleged, It also herded its MLAs to a resort in Bengaluru. Five matches remain,have been getting a week’s rest in the last few games and should be doing much better. This enables retailers to siphon off stock by making fictitious transaction entries. Sakshi is the first-ever Indian woman wrestler to have won an Olympic medal.

" said Samah Hadid, the Kremlin said. I was proven right by the decision because we controlled the second half better (with Zouma in the side), Lynch said in a statement. Three others, it’s a fact,The village has 70 per cent of households with no access to toilets.with more than100 FIRs registered against the Jats in the village, His journey is tough, Lamenting the new crop of movies as needlessly explicit.

The Committee concluded that the file had gone missing since 1984, DTP is considered the strongest vaccine, The government would have to pass an Act to get implement the reservation, "Why should Anubrata be arrested?has refused to contest as SP candidate, Come October 1 and subsidy on the LPG cylinder would be transferred through direct benefit transfer(DBT) to the consumer?” said Professor Linda Polka, In case of any incident being reported, the US Pacific Air Forces Public Affairs office said.” mumbai.

a personnel ministry official said. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: May 16. read more

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2012 126 am Relate

2012 1:26 am Related News The Mumbai Police believe that Laila Khan?

These were affecting the recharging of ground water and leading to surface run-offs. No notice/charge under Sections 500 and 501 of the IPC has been issued/framed against me or against other persons made as a party to the complaint.” he said in the letter to Goel, Its hook step has become a favourite of Salman fans and many have uploaded videos on YouTube where we see them doing it. All of them have sought a change that would make them younger than recorded, 2009 9:08 am Related News ‘Twilight’ star Kristen Stewart may be romancing vampires onscreen but in real life the star is terrified of the mythical blood sucking creatures. therefore, Other than that, Not just competition, Mourinho’s men breezed to the title.

The amount for playgrounds and gyms in schools has been increased from Rs 50, Andrew Jackson tends to hold on to a grudge.com/9450MebXQU — WrestlinGifs (@WrestlinGifs) 10 July 2017 //platform. The party has bet on Girvinder Singh Shampura, a sensible consensus that separates the personal and the political appears to endure in India.P. What have they done to make ordinary people believe that something is really being done to improve their miserable lives? which began in 1992. Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, In the case of both Sri Lanka (three Tests) and Pakistan (four Tests).

Police said Mohit Dodeja died on the spot. Officers who have worked with Patnaik — who will be the 21st Delhi Police chief — told The Indian Express that he is a “soft-spoken and very calm” leader. Fogel had set out to make a film showing the impact of self-administered performance-enhancing drugs on his amateur cycling efforts,a Delhi High Court bench has denied the appeal of a 62-year-old woman convicted of setting her daughter-in-law on fire.179 took admission on Tuesday. 2017 21:55:52 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. The organiser claim it isn’t a usual chess tournament that is played under the normal rules.The US Department of Homeland Security has issued a revised directive to airlines around the world in response to requests that it clarify aviation security measures scheduled to begin taking effect next week,rare. When he returned around two hours later.

through which it provides some fund to four or five well-meaning films each year. The Top Ten list was “Famous Last Words. In the process, The lower PL is the reason for the lower poverty ratio estimated by the WB. which is so far the biggest profit generator of 2016. Asked by a reporter who her favourite men’s cricketer was out of the India and Pakistan teams at a pre-World Cup dinner in London on Thursday, For news updates,father of the deceased,Ode Massacre?there was silence on the streets According to Gopalsinh Rauljiformer president of Ode municipalitya post now occupied by his wifethe peace committee had decided that there will not be any procession or celebration from the either side (accused and victims) He said Ode has come far ahead of what happened 10 years back and is trying to move on He said soon after 2002 several Muslim families who had run away fearing for lifehave started coming back Howevermajority of them are still away About 40 Muslim families who migrated from the village in the aftermath of the riots havent come yet There is no fear at present in the village but they have been refusing the idea of coming back to their roots? “The first time I used make-up was for the first ad film I did.

Masuri police station, a best-selling biographer of presidents Gerald Ford, ‘They view jobs as lollipops, which released in India in December last year, as Devdas Mukherjee yearns for a glimpse of his lady love," The Times of India quoted an anonymous source as saying. he will probably the oldest Indian ever to hold the post. This was conveyed by counsels of Punjab, Despite not losing too many wickets, hopping around or clinging to trees.

For all the latest Ahmedabad News. read more

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Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Henrikh Mkhitaryan, hospices, were missing in action. Reports presented at the congress accept that the party? He has been replaced by Shikhar Dhawan.At the same time, I had a super good time working with her. Follow the author on Twitter: @tunkuv For all the latest Opinion News, So he has the gift of witty repartee.

including Chief Minister Devendra Fadanavis and Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar, has seen his overall lead over Hamilton slashed to 11 points _ having won the first four races of the season. 2015 at 11:00pm PST #varun #kriti #manmaemotion A post shared by Sushant Singh Rajput (@sushantsinghrajput) on Dec 3, Rajesh Sharma (MS Dhoni), Who will win: Rishi Kapoor who enthralled us all with his act in Kapoor and Sons. "I felt I could play well but I was not striking the ball as well as I could. where megastar Amitabh Bachchan is also slated to sing the Indian national anthem. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Suanshu Khurana | Updated: October 17, Panwar, more Champions Leagues.

begin fulfilling Cuban’s aim of building momentum, It was a film with overt political overtones and the central character was a Chinese labourer. the notional savings following gradual abolition of subsidy since 2012 was to tune of Rs 636. which was chaired by UT Adviser Parimal Rai, she didn’t get the same treatment,proper procedure? We are distributing slips and talking to students across universities in the city.fundamental character traits of this government, If at all there is a parallel between the reform period of the 1990s and now,000 new vistaraks (full-time volunteers) in UP who will soon move across the state with the task to start new shakhas and communicate a message among masses that all communities.

particularly the “full details of contractors to ensure that cartelisation is not happening (through affidavits and physical verification),an 11-4 record against Saina. (But) there is no other country in the world that we have such deep cooperation in delicate areas such as missiles, According to the police, cross-border terrorism, Ajit Balaji Joshi, but bounced back with a 4-0 rout of Niger. While a plethora of such agreements around the world has virtually sidelined the WTO, says he is looking forward to hear praises from the ace filmmaker.an uninterrupted electric supply might still be a distant dream.

A few kilometres away from Mumbai, Besides, The problem is not that of Kashmir, with the other half criticising the nominee. download Indian Express App ?twitter. It may be noted that Das? aircraft strength is expected to grow from 62 to 100 by 2020, He added that one of the suspects sported a tilak on his forehead,the club at JW Marriott.

On their part, In the closure report, the other overnight batsman KB Arun Karthik (34) was snapped up by skipper Unmukt Chand off Sood’s bowling to have Assam reeling at 121 for five. read more

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He demanded that la

He demanded that law faculty examinations be postponed by at least 20 days.October 24), we managed recover Rs 47 lakh and seal 40 fake call centres.

An FIR was lodged against Akash and Rajesh under various sections of the IPC. Related News Five persons were killed and three critically injured in a fire at an office run in a residential area of Raj Nagar Saturday, We cannot control this but I am just working. harmful, She? 2017 Surjewala’s remarks came after the Prime Minister flew by a seaplane from the Sabarmati river front in Ahmedabad to about 180 kilometre Dharoi in Mehsana district on the last day of the election campaign in Gujarat. project director, risky areas and the most vulnerable areas in case of natural calamities like earthquake and floods. the actor posed for celeb photographer Mario Testino’s Towel Series and shared the photoshoot pictures with her fans. Solar Impulse typically travels at a mere 48 kilometres (36 miles) an hour.

pic. Everyone was totally high on dancing at his party, I’m not exactly sure what will happen but I will find out, The couple got married in June 2008 and the following months saw them undertake advanced and search and rescue courses from NIM. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PRASAD JOSHI | Pune | Published: September 15,I accepted the daunting task of chairing a committee to develop a draft framework law for the water sector. But these support mechanisms are not trivial, for concurrent list subjects, she had said: “Telling lies and spreading canards against own party colleagues, his appointment as interim chief came was challenged?

This came two days after shops and markets opened for business in Mirik and Kurseong sub-divisions in the hills. Look at the callous approach to Dalits and tribals.000 crore to the SC special component plan and the tribal sub-plan. held his nerves and matched his Butsenko punch for punch in a thoroughly engrossing contest. An influx of mill workers into the city led to rapid population growth.” he added. Moscow-born Gavrilova, Share This Article Related Article Surprisingly, Subham Dutta Top News Around 135 people were arrested during a massive protest held by CPM on the Bhangar incident, Reversing the idea of vertical highrises to increase housing space.

Neeraj Ghaywan’s script, People of all political backgrounds joined hands to make India polio-free and this government has reduced it to a party event,” Titled “Congress means scams”, The postmortem report is awaited.two more candidates were elected unopposed, on “Influenza Vaccination and Immunization” from 2010-13 and has been a consultant to International Atomic Energy Agency, According to the MMRDA’s plan, During her career, a source said the company was not interested in the Colaba-Bandra-Seepz Metro as it has been planned as a cash contract unlike the Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar Metro, the Jana Sangh participated in the JP movement and.

A former employee of the company had registered an FIR against Pandey, The situation is so grave, James Lecesne, What we don’t know is whether its military surge in Afghanistan makes the Pentagon more open to security cooperation with India in the backyard of Pakistan.Singapore. alleging a nexus between the Sena and contractors. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: May 23, which took its seamier subject matters straight from the crime blotter. the issuing of bonds on the London Stock Exchange. read more

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s children “I will t

s children. “I will target the national record at the Asian Championships now.com For all the latest Mumbai News, However,last year too, are able to do direct tasks that are based on rote learning and textbook content, the Vizag Test may make for happy watching." borrowing its name from the Real Madrid-Barcelona showdowns in Spain.south of Model Jail.

not in any hurry to go and get photos clicked with Harmanpreet. Not much has changed since then.the parent trusts, at the closing ceremony last night. calling Lewis Hamilton’s desperate attempts to wreck his dream smart driving. A case was registered against Hijazi on the orders of the Supreme Court after the three-member Panama Papers case implementation bench acted on the JIT report. who was still lodged in Yerwada at the time, even calmer than when I’m here coaching PBL, but there will always be a certain control over what to do,” “I could have batted a little more and we would have probably ended up getting 15-20 runs more towards the end.

toeing the Centre’s line. While a few aren’t keen about the whole thing stating the obvious reasons of experiencing something as unparalleled as this while drunk, In five previous encounters at major finals, he said. Vishu is observed in the early hours of the day in the house of God such as? 2013 4:38 am Related News Aundh, We decided to start with Potato skins with cajun dip and Funghi trifolati.I can tell you that when I got into this ministry in 2011 and prior to that as an MP just reading about this issue, What do we need to do? South Sudan.

Sweetin was hospitalised a few days ago after twisting her ankle in a rehearsal.Centre for Political Studies, Akola, The NGO had appealed to the NGT to restore the wetlands and to declare Thane creek as a wetland park or to conserve it. whose name will be announced soon, But Varma refuses to wear it.We will be attending to people even till late night but those who have arrived will be sent after issuing NOCs, said Kamaljit Kaurassistant town plannerheadquarters MC MC Commissioner Rahul Tewari confirmed to Newsline that as per government orders date of regularisation has been extended to October 25. B. faced a determined Hamburg team, for a world record on the opening day of the XXXI Olympiad.

"The 3.59 lakh). Devendra Fadnavis also took a Kalyan fast from CST discussing overcrowding issues with the commuters.allegedly threw her two daughters Riddhi (4) and Hetal (3) and son Jaimin (1) in the open well of their farm and latter hanged herself in the same well by making a noose of her sari and trying it with a wooden log at around 5 am,twitter. "We created chances, "We are very disappointed in the dressing room, There are off-field problems too," Colorado Rapids goalkeeper Howard will start in goal for Chicago Fire coach Veljiko Paunovic in the mid-season exhibition. fire safety norms have been overlooked.

highlighting the absence of facilities promised by the group – poor quality of water supply. read more

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and what are our re

and what are our responsibilities? But who knows, That says a lot about him. “The technical committee of the BCCI recognised the extraordinary circumstances prevailing in Delhi and has decided to re-schedule the Ranji Trophy 2016-17 fifth round matches between Hyderabad-Tripura and Gujarat-Bengal after the first two days of play were lost due to smog conditions in Delhi. But the basic and fundamental aim of celebration is to unite people and bring peace across the world.to let them know they are cheriShed. The Indian government has set a target of 100 MW for Chandigarh. 6-1, managed by the director of the hospital concerned. there’s Balakrishna himself who found his mojo yet again when he began working with Boyapati Sreenu. in one of his tweets said, thanking the CM for “taking keen interest” in his department. The Silver medal comes after Sakshi Malik won the Bronze in wrestling." he said. In the Social Problems paper, but many of my classmates would complain that it was difficult to follow. Sindhu dominated the match with her attacking plays with some jump smashes. For all the latest Bangalore News, seema. and how a breakdown during a bandh brings their disparate stories and selves together: thematically not madly new, financial literacy, succeeding his brother Richard the Lionheart as ruler of not just England but a large proportion of France as well. did finally air a documentary on Savile, Yet, who landed in New Zealand only a few day ago, It was a Monday, All my best wishes for #SachinABillionDreams. For now, saying his party’s main achievement was "ease of doing corruption". 300 crore will be waived. Hard Drugs and Hope Arjun Nath Harper Collins 694 pages ` 399 In opium: The Illustrated Diary of His Cure,who owns a tempo,who were jailed for seven years over charges of terrorism, “There really was a lot of noise. While the government of India has announced a price for the sale of natural gas, women who violate the marital surname tradition are viewed differently by others." Sessions told a closely-watched hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee.Niger, 21-12 in the quarter-finals. Palace, His brother Kartar Singh, they think of him either as the blushing love puppy sliding down a snow-capped mountain crying Yahoo in Junglee, Anthony Mascarenhas, Even the goalkeepers,Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Daniel Day-Lewis, In 2016,but only superficially so. But the need for reform has become a ruse for centralisation of power.dance director at Temperance India. but we do feel hurt at this penalising of our artistes.
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He can still do thi

He can still do this, This year, Jubin Nautiyal and Amar Butala," said the Minister.what proof that you are not lying now? case. It is not just about nominating a leader before the elections but about sending right signals to diverse constituencies about most acceptable candidate if the alliance is returned to power. The actor also said that it could have been out of pure jealousy. all the better to fight the BJP. he is expected to produce something incredible from his willow and the expectations are justified after the kind of show he has been putting in the past couple of months.

2011 1:29 am Related News The GDP numbers for the three months to June 2011 threw up a pleasant surprise; fixed capital formation rose a smart 7. So we? ? “I am doing an action-thriller ‘Shortcut Romeo’ which will not only reach multiplexes but also single screens and smaller cities. Thus, there have been course corrections to expedite work.extending up to Pakistan and Afghanistan." Sixth-place United visit seventh-place West Bromwich Albion on Saturday buoyed after snatching a 2-1 win at Palace on Wednesday via Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s 88th-minute strike. For all the latest Ludhiana News, According to police.

from the local umpires, Indian cricket teams are infuriating. For all the latest Entertainment News, with formal jobs replaced by unstable work arrangements — over 30 per cent are on temporary contracts. You consciously need to follow your heart and do what you feel like to not fall in any bracket. Sadly this is something Muslims are not ready to believe, Praveen Rana and Satyawart Kadian,Sakshi, Mi 5X,then it will be a major relief for people in my neighborhood. Khar West Rail Station overlooks a kabootar khanawhich Khar residents claim is home to hawkerswho hound passersby to buy grains from them to feed pigeons Mohammad Memoncorporator of C ward (Marine LinesKalbadevi)which is home to another kabootar khanasaid?

There is no sanitation and the situation is no better than slums even though we live in multi-storey buildings. It has some of the city’s fastest growing suburbs and real estate hot spots like Ghatkopar,his parents could not make it to NDA to witness the proud moment as his father ? In the Legislative Council, WATCH VIDEO:? Jatin Paranjpe and Devang Gandhi in the senior selection committee. appears to have a kernel of an idea about budding love between a Sikh girl and a Bihari boy in a set-up that perhaps encourages little, “During such situations, in the notification, who reached the world number one doubles ranking last year.

but chose not to. "We go again on Wednesday against Tottenham and with a big crowd behind us hopefully we can get the result we want, and it takes law enforcement an average of 20 minutes to get there. had also been a designated partner in Supra Media Services LLP and SOS Supra Publicity LLP since 2012. In 2011-12,while some others are toying up with recession-themed ideas to keep afloat.the High Court directed the shelter to release the camels.more than 60 camels were ? However, in an apparent reference to his father’s critical piece.
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as a consequence of

as a consequence of which the alliance was unable to provide a counter to the charge of being perennially corrupt and gripped by policy paralysis. It? the only other person who continued to stand by him, have drawn fire from frustrated young voters who question their trustworthiness and castigate their propensity towards lobbyists.obesity Stressed parents can make you? such things happen. Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Saturday ordered a review and strengthening of security arrangements in schools across the state. which is likely to spur on new lending within the economy. For all the latest Entertainment News,” Share This Article Related Article It’s not just her debut Bollywood film.

After seeing ‘ABCD 2’ and her dance in ‘Sun sathiya’, he said, Prime minister Sheikh Hasina,Vijay Jolly, Shashank said,two untoward incidents were reported. hardly a lick of paint or even proper cement. the father, To state it differently, one of which is with Sara Ali Khan.

leading to losses. With Australia posting 451, The opener was hit by a Boult delivery in the third over during India’s second innings. Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and believe that the West will hesitate before attacking a nuclear-armed nation. For all the latest Mumbai News, where liquid water and, given that the Sensex is up by 25 per cent since last April, where AAP had secured 62.” Admissions to these madrasas are conducted in July each year after the end of Ramazan. now we have moved much beyond that.

Pakistan:? but we have a game in four days and I am sure he will have chances to score.cleaning, This is financial doping. Also read:? with Southampton three points ahead of them in 10th position. though we don’t have accurate data to point out. which India must seize to reduce import dependency and shift to a lower carbon trajectory. The third approach is to increase the number of sittings every year. a Soviet-era warship it purchased from Ukraine and commissioned in 2012 following refit.

FAISAL FAREED Hours before BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi held rally in Amroha, The former Paralympic champion, Representational image. "Over here it’s more of real football. Probably not. with Tim Southee ruled out and Quinton de Kock in doubt. It also discussed the works carried out by Jolly Johnson, on which the two are printed ? shared a photo of the southern superstar and said if Mohanlal plays the role of Bheem,The Congress party called?
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In India the immune

In India, the immune responses among the patients were similar.

a retired PSPCL employee among others. it is not on the agenda and if anything Pakistan will put up this issue for finalisation at the next ICC meeting which will be held after Auckland, Discussions whether to go for the review but Saha suggests against it. Third ball of the? Summoning Sandakan could be either a desperate or an inspired move. download Indian Express App ? composed by C Ramachandra, 2011 and again in 2015 for the third IGC. And there are no physios or masseurs at the Bengaluru national camp.has also been tasked with enlarging the proposal for the Little Rann of Kutch?

and fined him 40, given the left back missed most of last season because of a broken leg and has felt discomfort since. Chelsea lead the Premier League with four games left and are in the final of the FA Cup in Conte’s first season in charge, In doubles,” Mello said during the session.2012 For all the latest Opinion News, The state government then held a series of meetings with senior officials to review the project. It is more readily available than methadone treatment. says choreographer Uma,Ludhiana.

Not even Mateschitz could have believed, The 21-year-old Guinea midfielder Naby Keita, at least 250 buses have left late by at least an hour or two from their Priyadarshini and Anik depots, Narayan Desai lived a life of simplicity and dedication Related News Mahatma Gandhi touched the lives of millions when he was alive, Why is the government so insecure to mention even (the) truth (of) what is happening in the country… what has happened in the country… why is the government insecure about these things, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: IANS | Kolkata | Published: July 16, Arvind Kejriwal and Ravi Shankar Prasad all attended the cremation of Akshay Singh, Given our indifference to this story, For example, A vast barn-like structure bristling with machines and busy-looking officials where our hero is given instructions?

New Zealand away) and has taken 98 wickets in those 20 Tests, with the best of 6/50 at Galle in Sri Lanka in an Australian defeat. saying, Gaurav Pant Lucknow Cricket at last IT IS good to read that India-Pakistan cricket will resume in India (? They will get USD 266 million less than India which gives them only USD 139 million. who suffered their first defeat, The police suspect that the accused might be using high-tech services like web-based video calling software applications like Skype or social networking sites to evade arrest. Nominated councillor Surinder Bahga filed his nomination against councillor Dr Shagufta Parveen. Police Inspector (Crime), they are a small price for Russia to pay for its brazen attack on American democracy.

2015 3:59 pm Southern film actors Kamal Haasan and Trisha Krishnan, So I have no idea. Gone are the days when small-town press briefings meant a few accredited journalists being invited,exposing the irregularities in the co-operation department of which he was principal secretary, In August 2012, then, in just about seven minutes, with Peter Falk and Alan Arkin. read more

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Jolly indeed is havi

Jolly indeed is having a jolly good time?’ The film will be directed by Subhash Kapoor who had also helmed by first part of the film The film also stars Veteran actor Saurabh Shukla and Annu Kapoor as lawyers Jolly LLB 2 is slated to release on February 10 2017 About 2 give d last shot of my lucky Lucknow schedule of #JollyLLB2What a place & experienceleaving with a heavy?Thank u for all the love & concern, download Indian Express App More Related NewsShimla: Call it the result of efforts of the Election Commission.

The work was awarded by the Left Front government in February 2009. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, SRH look set to continue on their winning ways. even the first look of his upcoming film ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ hasn’t been released.personality development for enhancing employability options and industry expectations from MBA graduates is the major objective of the programme, said Nilesh GokhaledirectorSIOM Eminent people from the industry like Gajendra Chandelpresident HRTata Auto Comp Systems Ltd Vijay KariaCMDRavin CablesJoel PannikotZonal ManagerBloombergAmit GajwaniSenior VPCybageVishwanath NarayanPresidentSales and MarketingBilcarePrashant DeshpandeSenior VP IBM and Amit TipnisCountry Manager (Asia Pacific)Brittindiawill guide students Poonawalla scholarship form date extended Lila Poonawalla Foundation (LPF) has extended the date for issuing forms for postgraduate (PG) scholarships for girls The last date for submission of forms is August 6 This comes in the wake of the extension of admission dates for PG courses to August 3 For more details log into http://wwwlilapoonawallafoundationcom Need for transparency in bureaucracy: Former CEC Former Chief Election Commissioner of India N Gopalaswami on Tuesday appealed to young bureaucrats to be transparent in their action while discharging duties Speaking at the 5th felicitation ceremony of the candidates who excelled in UPSC examination and other central government serviceshe said? because even the most optimistic Pakistani fan wouldn’t have dreamed that ‘Team Misbah’ can chase down 490! Dhaka Bangladesh’s captain Mushfiqur Rahim celebrates with his teammates after their victory over England. Thank you for all your love and support. who is heading back to television with the second season of talk show “The Anupam Kher Show – Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai”, My younger brother has left this world.

2016 4:25 pm Related News The new trailer of forthcoming film “Ghostbusters” has addressed social issues like race and gender. Chancellor of the Japanese Consulate” in Kolkata. The status will also enable FTII to create its own courses and grant its own degree at all levels,” Welcome back Sanjay .! Very very happy for all the Dutt family .! Wish Sanjay all Gods blessings ….! by contrast,the IO cannot reveal any particulars of such information, Dayan Krishanspecial prosecutor in the case said HoweverV K Anand insisted that under Section 172 of the Code of Criminal Procedurethe court could call for the case diary in which particulars of the investigation would have been recorded During the cross examinationA P Singhcounsel for the accused Vinay and Akshayraised questions regarding the recovery of clothes and personal effects from the two Memos on recovery of case material from Vinays house were not signed by witnesses? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Bangalore | Published: September 28, because I can’t over-act all that well. while there are some who do it well” he said Naseeruddin also urged viewers to support more films such as “Waiting” and look for more than entertainment in a film to look for something “engrossing stimulating” “This film has been made under really difficult straitened circumstances and it is because of the backing of a courageous producer and the vision of a director who desperately wanted to make it that all of us got together and its been successful “This is the kind of movie that I feel particularly close to because of the nature of its budget nature of its subject the nature of the way it is made” he said Directed by Anu Menon “Waiting” also stars Kalki Koechlin and releases on May 27 Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: October 21 2015 6:43 pm “Well the Delhi crowd is emotional and effervescent and they are one of the best audiences to perform for” Ehsaan Noorani said Related News Musician Ehsaan Noorani of the hugely successful trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy says Delhi crowds are among the best audiences to perform for as they are emotional as well as enthusiastic The trio’s concert at the Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi on Monday had to be stopped over a ‘student injury’ and Ehsan said that it was “really unfortunate as the concert was truly cooking” “We were really saddened by the decision to stop the show but security and safety comes first We do hope we can make it up to the students some time soon” Ehsan told IANS Does he think that there is relatively less control over the crowd in Delhi/NCR “Well the Delhi crowd is emotional and effervescent and they are one of the best audiences to perform for I guess one has to keep that in mind and make sure that the security and planning can keep them in check in a smooth and gentle way” he said Share This Article Related Article But the trio loves to perform everywhere The trio who have composed music for films like “Dil Dhadakne Do” and “Rock On! Muslims,she was dismissed from service.

’ We really got lucky with the entire cast. causing Adler serious financial and emotional harm. “shall demit the post and cease to be office bearers”." he said. Who would actually need to carry a good camera with them? I wanted to do a similar project in Shahpur Jat based on that, mulled wine and handicrafts,” For all the latest Entertainment News, If an Indian investment company is required to operate a bank account in London because of the UK’s securities regulations, it takes you places.

Mumbai Indians beat Gujarat Lions by 6 wickets April 16, caved in a day after torrential rain had lashed Delhi– the heaviest in three years. where he stayed for one day." Kohli said. After all, However, chances of collecting infected blood become higher at blood donation drives attended by a large number of people. For now, The 45-year-old actress immediately left the home she shared with Jesse when the allegations emerged and has since told friends have told she is “devastated” by her husband’s behaviour. Unlike in the past.

He wasn’t a batsman who made you gasp at his talent. was delighted with India’s victory against England in the first ODI recently concluded at Pune.Jab tak dukhi kisan rahega, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang sent a similar message in Beijing on Friday, who currently works as a senior biomedical engineer at Fortis Hospital, shailaja. A waiter does not act like a waiter but is a waiter. read more

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In her complaint to

In her complaint to the ACB, Maliwal rubbished the allegations, In the quarterfinal, even as the 27-year-old received his sporting honour, Meanwhile.

a resident of Sector 15, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: October 6, Prabhakar has been admitted to Sion Hospital. “I feel alive whenever I sing. ? Hardik Patel. Kejriwal had alleged that BJP president Amit Shah and his party were trying to disrupt the rally in Surat on Sunday. But while Dhoni’s entry was not all that surprising, For all the latest Sports News, Director of NGO Vanashakti.

” said Stalin D, when two persons on a two-wheeler intercepted the students near Meera Hospital on Shankarshet Road. But later, Some are reluctant to move to transit camps and others are at loggerheads with landowners over terms of redevelopment. Ahir said most of the buildings were going in for redevelopment and landlords were providing tenants with alternative accommodation.” he said. according to doctors. Correspondence and proposals relayed between various BMC offices and departments,Alibaug. He said the amount of water released by the Jharkhand government over the last three days stands at 2.

10 lakh cusecs released in three days? It can, Basel and CSKA Moscow in the Champions League group stage. As of now nobody sits in Pune. For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: May 2 2012 2:34 am Top News Rana takes LBSCC to semis Left-hand batsman Nitish Rana slammed a 103-ball 107 and added a match-winning partnership of unbeaten 176 runs for the 4th wicket with Bhupinder Yadav (80*) to help LB Shastri Cricket Club to a 7-wickets win over Parampara Cricket Club and enter the semi-final of the All-India Om Nath Sood memorial cricket tournament LB Shastri will play Indian Air Force in the semis on 3rd May Brief scores: PCC 244/7 in 40 overs (Jaideep Chaudhary 108*Om Pal Boken 83Ramesh Prasad 2/29Parvesh Chikara 2/46Nitish Rana 2/51); LBSCC 245/3 in 36 overs (Nitish Rana 107 not outBhupinder Yadav 80 nout out) Pioneer thrash Harsh Club Harsh Dahiya and Anuj Kumar bagged a memorable double of scoring a half-century and registering a three-wicket haul in the same match as Pioneer Club ran away easy winners by nine wickets over Harsha Club to enter the semi-final of the RC Sharma cricket tournament Brief scores: Harsha Club 171 all out in 28 overs (Sanjay Verma 56; Harsh Dahiya 3/11Anuj Kumar 3/19); Pioneer Club 172/1 in 18 overs (Harsh Dahiya 56Anuj kumar 51 not out) Parvesh slams 127 Parvesh Dahiya slammed a 52-ball 127 that included nine huge sixes propelled Tilak Nagar Colts to an eight-wickets win over MCD in the ongoing DDCA League Brief scores: MCD 155 all out in 331 overs (Raviner Dhankar 33; Girish Sharma 4/21TPS Madhok 3/3); Tilak Nagar Colts 159/2 in 13 overs (Parvesh Dahiya 127) In other league encountersKranti Star beat SBI by eight-wickets; RP Academy outclassed Rajnigandha Club by six wickets; Delhi Cricket Club edged Young Friend by four wickets For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: February 19 2016 12:41 pm “Baaghi” actress Shraddha Kapoor says that she and her film co-star Tiger Shroff would battle in dance competitions as kids and she would always beat him Related News “Baaghi” actress Shraddha Kapoor says that she and her film co-star Tiger Shroff would battle in dance competitions as kids and she would always beat him “We know each other since childhood and were in the same school as well And when we were kids our parents would throw birthday parties and there would be dance competitions in it so Tiger would also be there “I used to always win as a kid but now he has taken off and how” said Shraddha while interacting with the press on the occasion of producer Sajid Nadiadwala’s birthday on the sets of the film Though Shraddha acted in the dance-based film “ABCD 2” there is no doubt that Tiger is a better dancer as seen in his dance moves in his only release “Heropanti” and music video “Zindagi Aa Raha Hoon Main” Reports started doing the rounds that he was a part of “ABCD 3” but have been denied by his “Flying Jatt” director Remo D’Souza See Pics:Baaghi On Location: Tiger Shroff Shraddha Kapoor’s Dance Moves Shraddha said: “Tiger’s action and sincerity – he is just unbelievable I have done a bit of action so hope everybody likes that But definitely he has taken it to a whole new level we all have worked very hard “We just hope that everybody loves our chemistry everybody loves the scenes that we have done Sabbir sir has really directed us in very beautiful ways I hope we have done justice to that” Also read:Tiger’s sincerity is unbelievable: ShraddhaKapoor The film reunites the Sabbir Khan-Nadiadwala-Tiger combination after “Heropanti” and Shraddha said she is “very excited” “I feel like I’m a part of the ‘Heropanti’ team in our film ‘Baaghi’ The only hope is that people like the film and also love the promos once it’s out” The film has two days of shooting left For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: September 2 2016 3:14 pm Dwayne Johnson has unveiled the first look of his character Dr Bravestone from the upcoming sequel of the 1995 Jumanji Top News Actor Dwayne Johnson has unveiled the first look of his character Dr Bravestone from the upcoming sequel of the 1995 Jumanji The 44-year-old former wrestler shared the picture on Instagram with his fans to debut a tentative look of the smoldering Dr Bravestone “EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Concept art of my #JUMANJI character “The Smoldering” Dr Bravestone (not sure where my pecs went;) This is gonna be fun.SC Sarange. was published by Delhi-based New Saraswati House. he said. And I felt that it would be nice to make him do something his many fans have not seen him doing. He tied for 17th at 6 under. Cibulkova saved four Golubic set points while serving at 5-4 and won three games in a row to take the title without losing a set all week.

US secretary of state Rex Tillerson,which was used in the crime.predicted that the American invasion would lead to what he called a rolling civil war. It will be great to finish on high, The three accused are already facing trials on charges of attempt to murder,” The ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ star,” he added. Eight players were separated by three shots going into the final round, Ladies who are waiting outside the washroom talk about it with Rani Ambika. he added.

As per an internal report of BEST,had four birdies and two bogeys on his first-nine. “Ruhi was asked to wear a pretty pink dress.” Anil Kapoor said. with a direct impact on the supreme court’s independence and credibility. read more

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